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  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2008-7
    Trade shows in Southeast Asia have been attracting tremendous interest as manifested by the growing number of exhibitors who are eager to show off their products, and by the increasing number of professionals who make sure to put these events in their travel calendar. I had the opportunity to attend the AseanPlas in Singapore this year and was witness to the most advanced technologies and solutions available to the plastics industry today. These technologies are undeniably a manufacturer抯 tool to achieve higher productivity, improved efficiency and enhanced product quality. At the InterPlas Thailand, I saw how exhibitors gave importance to the Southeast Asian market. Undeterred by the global economic slowdown that has somewhat affected the region, this bigger edition with around 800 exhibitors occupying a huge exhibition venue reflected the confidence of businesses from various parts of the world on Southeast Asia and its emerging industries. The Boardroom Connection in this issue traces the history of a pioneer. From tin can manufacturing, the company made t
  • FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal 2008-7
    This issue has a special section, "Innovation in China" which describes our honorees for outstanding achievements in technology in Food Ingredients, Food Processing and Food Packaging that have furthered the state of the food industry. In recognizing the accomplishments of outstanding companies who are the recipients of the 2nd Ringier Innovation Awards for the Food & Beverage Industry, we depended on the experience and astuteness of our panel of judges. For their hard work, we ?our sister publication CFMJ and FPMJ ?the members of this year's panel: ?Wang Wei ?vice secretary-general, China National Food Industry Association ?You Xin ?honorary chairman, China Food Additives & Ingredients Association ?Cai Lingchan ?senior engineer, China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries ?He Nanzh ?vice president, China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association ?Feng Ping ?chief engineer, China Meat Research Center ?Lu Xianghua ?secretary-general, Shanghai Frozen Food Association ?Feng Fusheng ?vice secretary-general, Shanghai Sugar
  • Brewing in China 2008-6
    A fruitful venture Several varieties of fruits grow abundantly in teh Philippines, and many of them have a high sugar content that makes them excellent for fermentation into specialty wines. Businessman Elbert Pigtain is not the first Filipino to venture commercially into fruit wines. What differentiates the 47-year-old entrepreneur is that he set out to use only wild and naturally grown fruits for his wines, showcased them in sensuous stoneware, and that he was able to export his products within four years of starting his "exhilarating experiment". We have previously reported that expert agree China will be the world's most active wine market by the end of this decade. In this issue, we focus on the independent wine shops with distinctive merchandising and character that are popping up all over Shanghai. There specialty wine shops attract Chinese locals who are open to new and fresh imported trends. We think that as more Chinese develop a palate for wines, similar shops will open in more cities. Cheers!
  • FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal 2008-6
    The fisheries sector plays an important role in the national economies of a number of Southeast Asian countries, notably the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam, which export billions of dollars in further processed fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Fisheries catch and aquaculture supply the bulk of proteins in the diets of the majority of Southeast Asians, up to 50% in some countries so developing aquatic resources are also important for domestic consumption. In Viet Nam, the development of the fisheries sector has been remarkable. Just over two decades ago, the country's fishing industry was struggling and nearly stagnant. Today, it is a dynamic force in the agricultural industry is set to contribute a tenth of the country's GDP within the decade. With a sixteen-fold increase in fishery exports since the 1990's, Viet Nam now ranks among the top ten seafood exporters in the world. Packaging buzzword: 'sustainability' According to the European Bioplastics industry, many companies announced investments in both "traditional" bioplastics such as starch blends
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2008-5
    ASEANPLAS returns to Singapore this month. A major event for the S.E. Asian plastics industry, this international trade fair promises visitors a host of new technologies and solutions from 200 exhibitors. Touted as the region抯 largest and most dedicated platform for the plastics and rubber industries, the show is a must-see given the product range and additional attractions. Indeed, S.E.Asian trade shows are getting bigger and better, and this reflects the continued confidence on the region抯 fastgrowing industries. We take a look at Thailand in this issue. The country is the venue of another important trade show, the InterPlas Thailand 2008. Political issues failed to dampen business confidence as its industries continue to move ahead. The current focus on core industries, which include plastics manufacturing, underscores the Thai government抯 emphasis on pushing economic growth. This issue抯 Boardroom Connection features a company in Singapore. In such a highly competitive environment, the name of the game goes beyond production capacity. A winning formula combin
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