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Classicx Multi-layer Coextrusion Blown Film Machine

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Classicx models can be customized according to various production requirements and process conditions of customers. For Jinming Classicx models, the currently-available non-barrier blown film machines are applicable to both 3-layer and 5-layer films, whose width can vary from 1200mm to 3000mm.

Application of intelligent control technology improves production and minimizes manpower
Classicx models are equipped with intelligent control where the centralized computer control is available for the whole machine, and in addition, the latest Jinming on-line film thickness measurement & control software and remote real-time production monitoring & management software can be installed according to the requirements of customers. The management personnel can know the dynamic production conditions in real time by means of computers and mobile phones. The bubble cage and collapsing frame are electrical control. Classicx models are also equipped with full-automatic double-station winders. The control and monitoring of various systems is integrated by means of bussing technology, with automatic alarm and automatic diagnosis functions, thereby minimizing related labor costs.

Latest coextrusion and cooling technology increases production capacity by more than 40%
The production capacity of Jinming Classicx blown film machine is 40% higher than its domestic counterparts. The screws of the extrusion system are jointly developed by Jinming with world-famous resin suppliers, and specially designed for the Classicx models. The screws are of separable design, in order to achieve the solid-liquid separation and low temperature extrusion during the plasticizing process, which can increase the extrusion efficiency by about 30%.

Standard configuration of Jinming cooling system is equipped with the precision automatic dual-outlet air ring, which is featured with side air intake, large air chamber, low wind resistance in distribution plate and low pressure loss, therefore the cooling efficiency can be increased by 30%. If customers select the optional next-generation high-efficiency cooling air ring, it can rise and fall along the axis of die head vertically; due to a multi-stage air-out, the contact area between film bubble and air is big, while the cooling time is long, which can increase the cooling efficiency by 40%-50%.

Advanced machining center and European components ensure operation stability
Jinming owns the industry's most advanced machining equipment, such as ultra-large DMG five-axis machining center, Niles CNC precision gear grinding machine, Cincinnati precision machining center and ultra-large NCS.A high-precision gantry machining center, which can ensure the machining accuracy and reliability of the equipment parts and components. Jinming has carried out in-depth cooperation with the world-famous component suppliers, and all the drive components and control systems are imported from Europe, so the components’ overall operation performance and working life is more reliable.

Extensive technical formula database and simulation system exercise to ensure higher film quality
After 28 years development, Classicx models have been improved by integrating technology systems like machining, electric and processing, and by using information mediums to run simulation exercise of the machines, meeting the requirements of better film quality for customers.

Modular design of equipment to achieve flexible customization
In addition to standardized models, Jinming Classicx models are provided with more flexible customized service; for the feeding system, extrusion system, cooling system, electrical system, winding and some auxiliary devices, the configuration can be added, reduced or replaced according to the actual production requirements of customers.

Extensive adaptability of film processing to meet the production requirement of high quality film
The Classicx models aim at high-quality and high-yield film production. The equipment is mainly used in production of high-quality film such as high-quality laminated film (e.g. stand-up pouch packaging with higher tolerance control, higher capacity and better film structural properties), shrink film (higher film performance, high capacity and downgauge film with the same performance), heavy-duty bag film, stretching film, etc.

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