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bottle blowing machine
One-step injection stretch blow molding machine(bottle blowing machine)
Product category: Food & beverage packaging equipment
Model: ISB 800-â…¢
Brand: JASU
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As food, medicine, cosmetics bottles and high grade commodities demand is increasing
day by day, with crowded blowing method can not meet the requirements in the production of
products.The whole process including mould injection,stretch blowing and 0ff molding can be
finished within one step if using the injection blowing molding machine for manufacturing !

The products from this machine don't contain any flash,sprue,and much less disfigurement.
It can present the perfect looking mouth,bottom and wedding line as well as the better
transparence and higher rigidity.The injection blowing molding products are thinner than old
style ones,which can save 50% material.Besides the merit mentioned above,the one step
injection blowing moulding machine can perform the higher speed and more efficient energy
saving .

Scope of application

food, drinks, drug, cosmetics, oil&seasoning bottles and feeding bottles, sports bottles,
lampshade, etc.

One step advantages

1,Bottle mouth size in high precision,screw accurate.
2,Because temperature adjustment and preform molding are in the same time,this system
no more reheating to complete a high speed molding .With the preform molding keeping heat to
blow,get rid of reheating and shorten cooling time.

Suitable materials: PET,PP,PC,PE,PETG,PMMA,PS

Process characteristics

1,electromotor and pneumatic drive,avoid hydraulic dirty product;
2,full-automatic control,easy operate;
3,material barrel and hot runner temperature control accurately;
4,save more money and human resources than traditional machine;
5,compact structure; INJECTION:hot runner and temperature ontrol device and standard
configuration; only change mold to make a new product. BLOW:hydraulic mold clamping,core
insert,blow and bottom molding are standard configuration. PRODUCT RELEASE:ejector is a
standard device

Our company can provide mold design&manufacture services.

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Supplier Details
Guangzhou JASU precision machinery co., LTD
Supplier: Guangzhou JASU precision machinery co., LTD
Contact name: Wade Cai
Job title: manager
Phone: 8613928775780
Fax: 862084896160
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Address: Yingxing road,Panyu avenue,Shiqiao street,Panyu district ,Guangzhou

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