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Company Name:Ningbo Hwamda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:Xintangjianong No.336,Donghai Rd, Xiaogang development zone,

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Injection Molding Machine

ProductCategory: Origin:Ningbo Brand: HWAMDA Minimum order:1 Type of payment: Delivery Period:30-90 Days


Integrated with the world cutting-edge design concept, M8 series adopted the new robust structural and modular design, which can ultimately save time to meet customized orders.

M8 series can fully meet the customized order, because all components are modularized for the fast organization of the manufacturing plan, for example: the power system of M8 series can choose fixed pump, variable pump, servo system, all can be realized without changing any mechanical parts.


Adopting the YUKEN variable pump hydraulic system (imported servo system optional), and it can save 30%-60% energy compared to same size fixed pump. It can also save transformer capacity in the factory, for example, the 150KVA transformer can maximum supply 8~9 sets 128 tonnage IMM, but it can supply 10~11 sets same IMM which adopts the variable pump. 


HMD60M8/M8S, HMD88M8/M8S, HMD128M8/M8S, HMD168M8/M8S, HMD218M8/M8S, HMD268M8/M8S, HMD290M8/M8S, HMD320M8/M8S, 

HMD400M8/M8S, HMD450M8/M8S, HMD500M8/M8S, HMD580M8/M8S, HMD680M8/M8S, HMD750M8/M8S, HMD880M8/M8S, HMD1080M8/M8S, 

HMD1300M8/M8S, HMD1450M8/M8S, HMD1680M8/M8S, HMD2000M8/M8S, HMD2400M8/M8S, HMD2800M8/M8S

Customer Service

In order to adapt the quick working steps in E-time, Hwamda using the advanced network to let customers communicate with online engineers to get timely resolution.

Before-Sales Service: Hotline consultation for products and technics. We can design machines according to your special requirement.

Mid-Sales Service: Offer installation and adjustment service and usage training.

After-Sales Service: Offer one year’s guarantee for whole machines. Also offer machines upgrading and changement service. 

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