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Testing Separator(GY-200)
Product category: Food processing and equipment
Model: GY-200
Brand: GUAN YU
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*Directions 1
Prior to operate the separator, ensure all the components are fastened, no broken on the sieves, no damage on the machine body, electrical cables are connected properly (do not use a knife switch), and three phase power supply is ready.
Please check whether the machine model and specification are the same as your order. Power supply is the same as shown on the machine plaque. (Tolerance for voltage is +/- 10%)

Place screen pots with required mesh onto the machine base sequentially.
Feed raw material on the top screen pot, and then close the lid.
Adjust the height of telescope poles accordingly and fasten the telescope knobs. Tighten the two black screen pot holding knobs to secure the lid.

Turn off power supply when the machine is not in use for an extended period of time.
Clean the screen pots after operation, so they will be ready for use next time.
Do not splash water on the machine to avoid current leakage.
Turn the machine off immediately in the event of unusual noises and inspect for blockage or other irregularities.
Always ensure the black knobs are securely tightened before operation.Operation
When power supply is on, the red power indicator comes on.
Set the timer (between 0 – 30 minutes).
Switch the start button, the green indicator comes on and machine starts working until the setting timing is up.

*Directions 2
Check the electrical components and all moving parts regularly during operation. Adjust if needed.
This machine is guaranteed for one year under normal operating condition. Please contact our offices or distributors should any irregularity arise during the one-year warranty period. Do not under any circumstances attempt to make any repairs or replacements.

Screen pot holding knob
Telescope pole
Screen pot
Ventilation hole
Shock absorption rubber
Telescope knob
Machine base

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Supplier Details
Contact name: Tracy Yen
Phone: +886-4-8965198
Fax: +886-4-8963598
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Address: No. 11-1,Gou Tour Lane, Kuang Hsing Li, Erh-Lin, Chang-Hua Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C

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