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Company Name:Ningbo Hwamda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:Xintangjianong No.336,Donghai Rd, Xiaogang development zone,

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Injection Molding Machine

ProductCategory: Origin:Ningbo Brand: HWAMDA Minimum order:1 Type of payment: Delivery Period:30-90 Days


1.      Injection Unit

Short and forceful double-cylinder injection system is used to ensure the steady of injection motions, and without deformation to the fixed plate. Optimized design screw can reach excellent plasticizing and effect. Screw head and back stop ring adopt high tenacity steel which undergo special heat treatment, with properties of high temperature, corrosion and abrasion resistance. Screw and barrel adopt superior alloy steel and treated in vacuum nitrogen.

PID temperature control with high precision electronic ruler computer controller, regulate motions of injection, pressure keeping, smelting and backpressure to ensure the quality of products and continuity of production. Auto material clearance and decompression can ensure operations efficient, convenient, and safe.


2.      Molding Locking Unit

Adopt the new generation of toggle mold locking device and computer simulation designing parameter, make sure motion of moving plate fast and steady. With the box moving plate, fixed plate and high rigidity toggle structure, the machines can reach high-intensity and anti-fatigue properties. Therefore, compared with normal machines, it owns large space between tie bars, mold plate and mold opening stroke, suitable for large plastic products.


3Mold Locking T-slot ( Optional)

T-slot design makes mould installation more convenient and fast.


4Molding Adjusting Unit

The auto molding adjusting device driven by hydraulic motor adopts gear coupling drive, features steadiness, fast and high efficiency, and save mold loading time.



People concerned plate design and high rigidity framework have ensured the attraction and harmony of machine.


HMD60M6/M6S, HMD88M6/M6S, HMD128M6/M6S, HMD168M6/M6S, HMD218M6/M6S, HMD268M6/M6S, HMD320M6/M6S

Customer Service

In order to adapt the quick working steps in E-time, Hwamda using the advanced network to let customers communicate with online engineers to get timely resolution.

Before-Sales Service: Hotline consultation for products and technics. We can design machines according to your special requirement.

Mid-Sales Service: Offer installation and adjustment service and usage training.

After-Sales Service: Offer one year’s guarantee for whole machines. Also offer machines upgrading and changement service. 

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