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Company Name:Ningbo Hwamda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:Xintangjianong No.336,Donghai Rd, Xiaogang development zone,

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High Speed Injection Moding Machine for Thin-wall Products

ProductCategory: Origin:Ningbo Brand: HWAMDA Minimum order:1 Type of payment: Delivery Period:30-90 Days


Applicable Products

Smack-box, Yogurt packaging, Ice-cream box, PS Aviation cup, Disposable cutlery, Bottle cap etc.

Not only high speed/low pressure injection movement and multiple parallel movement the new concept injection machine combined, but also utilized optimized clamping unit and lubrication unit and regenerated hydraulic system, thereby it guarantees a shortened circle time for thin wall products. Comparing with normal type machine, high speed servo series machine priors to both circle time and energy-saving, minimizing the overload of mechanical structure and hydraulic motor, heightening stability and lifespan.



Customer Service

In order to adapt the quick working steps in E-time, Hwamda using the advanced network to let customers communicate with online engineers to get timely resolution.

Before-Sales Service: Hotline consultation for products and technics. We can design machines according to your special requirement.

Mid-Sales Service: Offer installation and adjustment service and usage training.

After-Sales Service: Offer one year’s guarantee for whole machines. Also offer machines upgrading and changement service. 

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