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FineTek - Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter
Product category: Sensors
Model: FineTek - Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter
Brand: FineTek Co., Ltd
Minimum order: one set
Payment term: FOB
Delivery lead time: 2 weeks
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FineTek Guided Wave Radar uses the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) principle, usually applied for both liquid and solid with a different dielectric constant. The sensor emits low power high frequency microwave pulses which are guided through a probe in contact with the process medium, part of the energy is reflected back to the transmitter. The time difference between the transmitted and the reflected pulse is converted into a distance and the total level or interface level is then calculated. The reflection intensity depends on the dielectric constant of the product. The higher the dielectric constant value, the stronger the reflection. Guided wave radar sensor delivers reliable monitoring for both continuous level and interface measurements in medium using a rod or cable type probe.

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Certifications: FineTek products adhere to international IEC standards and have received various approvals from international testing labs. Various products approved by UL (USA), ABS (USA), ATEX (PTB,Germany), GL(Germany), NEPSI (China), 3C(China), CE (Europe), CMC(China) etc. FineTek Quality Center Testing Laboratory is certified by National Taiwan Accreditation Foundation with Accreditation No. 3086 for flow meter testing, which is complied with ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 regulations, and being recognized by ilac-MRA.

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FineTek Co., Ltd
Supplier: FineTek Co., Ltd
Year established: 1979
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Phone: +886-2-2269 6789
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