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Donaldson (China) Trading Co., Ltd.
Supplier Category: Tools & Accessories, Tools & Accessories for Machine Tools, Food processing and equipment, Pump/ Valve/ Filtration Equipment, Material handling

For decades, Donaldson Torit has offered manufacturers the most advanced and reliable dust collectors and filters available.

The pairing of these industry-leading collectors and filters helps increase manufacturing efficiencies and provides a cleaner environment for employees.

When efficiency is maximized and employees are at their peak, so is the manufacturer's productivity—and ultimately, its bottom line. Donaldson Torit products can help safeguard that bottom line with the most innovative collectors and filters, expertly engineered by its unparalleled team of R&D engineers to provide long-term value, rather than short-term savings.

No other dust collection manufacturer can match Donaldson Torit's filtration solutions in delivering clear air.

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Gosourcing Supplier Details

Supplier Details
Donaldson (China) Trading Co., Ltd.
Supplier: Donaldson (China) Trading Co., Ltd.
Year established: 1997
Contact name: Chloe Jiang
Website:  www.donaldson.cn
Email: Info.cn@donaldson.com
Phone: 400 820 1038
Fax: +86 21- 5425 3505
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Address: 15/Floor, Tower 1, New Richport Centre, No.763, Mengzi Road, Shanghai, China