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E-Con Automation Co., Ltd
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E - Con Automation Co., Ltd in July 2006 was incorporated in Kunshan , a total investment of $ 428,000 , the registered capital of $ 300,000 , business items include : YAMAHA mechanical arm , YAMAHA ROBOT servo / stepper positioning systems , XY TABLE drive platform , YAMAHA linear motor , YAMAHA SCARA robot arm , YAMAHA CARRYBOY unmanned transport system , DENSO vertical articulated robot arm , JANOME Desktop dispenser, electronic precision servo presses , automatic locking screw machine , COGNEX vision detection systems and CCD image viewing device and so on. The company has a number of senior engineers composed of a full range of professional and technical team, with original equipment manufacturers complete technical support for all business contacts are made of single window management and assurance processes so that the two sides through Zhenghang version of the operating system is absolutely rapid ERP indeed , it is easy to control uphold " service first " business philosophy and long-term implementation in staff education, has been established in the industry can not shake the brand support and technical certainty .

E - Con Automation Co., Ltd was established in the year 2000 , is headquartered in Hsinchu, China Taiwan , is specialized in industrial robot (YAMAHA / DENSO / JANOME) and visual inspection system (COGNEX) and other import trade and system integration of high-tech companies, in recent years, more into the logistics system , professional zenith unmanned transport system (OHT) and automatic guided vehicle (AGV) and other services. Currently in China Taiwan - have been set up in Shenzhen , Kunshan Branch , provide customer service support and near real-time , its sales and engineering teams , more rigorous training and market original mill - Hsinchu , Taoyuan , Tainan, China training, both in the most professional ability to help customers in the most streamlined and cost optimized portfolio , import industrial robot and related industrial products, to help customers achieve the highest level of unmanned .
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E-Con Automation Co., Ltd
Supplier: E-Con Automation Co., Ltd
Contact name: robot
Website:  http://www.china-robots.cn/
Email: robots@e-con.cn
Phone: 86-512-57003600
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Address: Room1205 Technical Square Qianjin East Road Development Area Kunshan Jiangsu