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The global market’s increased interest in recycling augurs well for FIMIC Srl products that it is now able to supply five different types of filters.
FIMIC’s response to the trends in the global plastics that lean toward recycling is its latest range of filters aimed at enhancing plastics recycling. With K 2019’s focus on recycling and circular economy, FIMIC sees a lot of opportunities for its new filtrations system, not only in Europe but also worldwide.
Ms. Erica Canaia, Sales Director at FIMIC, explained that the company has been supporting its customers in their bid to enhance their operations by offering the most adequate filters that meet their specific applications and materials to be processed. “FIMIC now offers five different models in response to the growing recycling trends as the plastics industry moves forward in achieving a circular economy,” Ms. Canaia said.
FIMIC is currently well known worldwide for its RAS filtration model. The RAS system is a scraping filter known for its flexibility and strength. With the use of two blades, the model is able to scrape very high contaminations (for example up to 15% of paper) and also contaminations blocked by a laser or punched mesh. This type of filtration, from 80 to 2000 microns, allows the customer to choose the quality of the filtration and to keep an eye on the operating costs.
Ms. Erica Canaia, Sales Director at FIMIC
The company retains the record for the lowest operations costs compared to all other filters in the market today. “While we produce our filters in Italy, the filter can be installed in every single extruder anywhere in the world. We adapt the filter to the machine of our customers and we work closely with them to achieve the best results they desire,” Ms. Canaia stressed.
At K 2019, the world of recycling has been further emphasized – and current trends require automatic and productive machines that can achieve higher product quality at lower material waste and minimum operating costs. With FIMIC, this goal is possible through its filtration solutions highlighted during the exhibition. “We are very optimistic now given the large number of inquiries we’ve been receiving from interested visitors,” according to Ms. Canaia.
FIMIC has been exploring other markets outside Europe, and with recycling taken as an immediate solution to alleviate plastic waste, the demand for FIMIC products is expected to rise in dynamic regions such as Asia. “We are moving forward in Asia where our market is growing. For FIMIC there is plenty of opportunities in Southeast Asia as well,” Ms Canaia added.

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Supplier Details
Supplier: FIMIC SRL
Year established: 1964
Contact name: Erica Canaia
Job title: Sales Director
Website:  https://www.fimic.it/en/
Email: sales@fimic.it
Phone: +39 049 595 71 63
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Address: Via Ospitale, 54 – 35010 Carmignano di Brenta (PD) ITALY

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