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GSR Far East Ltd.
Supplier Category: Plastics processing equipment, Food & beverage packaging equipment, Packaging equipment, Vacuum packaging machine
GSR Far East Ltd.

GSRFar East Ltd. is a professional plastic machinery agent and import/export trading company. Currently, we are representing one of the World’s well-known brands: ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH, the Reifenhauser Group, and the Flint Group. Since 1985, we have been serving the Far East region, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Our offices at Taichung, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China have been providing outstanding and professional services to our customers. The following are brief descriptions of ILLIG thermoforming machine series:

ILLIG RDM-K automatic roll-fed thermoformers for forming/punching toolsForming/punching technology has a long tradition at ILLIG and represents reliable manufacture of moulds with minimal tolerance. One domain of this technology is production of drinking ups for cold drinks. High cycle numbers and optimal mould quality are some of the attributes here.

ILLIG RDK automatic roll-fed thermoformers for separate forming/punching

With the development of automatic pressure forming machine RDK 80 a standalone machine series with high availability, optimal customer value and easy operation originated. Easy machine operation, a flexible machine concept and a high reproducibility of all functional elements involved in the process are necessary prerequisites.The RDK 80 is at a maximum.Forming area of 756 x 565 mm equipped.

ILLIG RDKP automatic roll-fed thermoformers for separate forming/punching:The new RDKP machines are innovative products for the application of pressure forming.In particular, the 3rd generation of RDKP thermoformer offers significant increases in cycle speed in the PP processing.The working with compressed air machine is designed for higher volume and allows output rates up to 55 production cycles / min.Due to the servo drive technology used the movements of the form table and the table top is finely tuned to each other.The RDKP 72 is at a maximum.Forming area of 671 x 535 mm equipped.

ILLIG RV vacuum forming:The vacuum forming machine RV 74c - also highly attractive for thermoforming of food packaging. Along with an increase in performance over its predecessor - with up to 35 cycles per minute - this opens 3rd generation thermoformer, increasingly, production of food packaging new possibilities.The RV 74c is at a maximum.Forming area of 700 x 500 mm equipped.

Our company has over 20 years of experience in the plastic thermoforming business. We are the excellent source of our customers for thermoforming, vacuum forming, pressure forming, and tool equipment, consultation, and know-hows. Our customers have been producing top-notch products that become the industry standard. Integrity, professional, and customer-orientation are traits that distinguish us from our competitors.

Products from ILLIG are made to use worldwide.The branches and service centers, together with trade representatives in over 80 countries, a network for comprehensive customer support.It ensures that international trends early on and country-specific standards are included in the product development.Global active customers use the service to open up new markets.

More than 20,000 machines produce around the clock for our customers brand products of superior quality and high utility worldwide.About local representative or central hotlines ILLIG is accessible to its customers.Emerging issues and problems are solved directly with the specialists.Required spare parts come through global logistics quickest route to the customer: From the central warehouse, the service centers, or spare parts organization with global suppliers.Remote Service for fault diagnosis and troubleshooting is very important for ILLIG.In case, our service technicians are quickly on the spot.

ILLIG Far East, the service base ILLIG in Southeast Asia, is the base coordinated centrally from here the service for ILLIG machines in an enormous area and is also responsible for on-site service: China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Together with our offices at Taichung, Taiwan and Shanghai, China, we can send our service technicians and spare parts within 48 hours of time period.

Expertise, Innovation, and Development
The brand of ILLIG stands for pioneering inventions and innovations. At ILLIG, our research, development and construction around 100 employees develop pioneering solutions.The result, in compliance with a variety of conditions, key product benefits and higher value for the customer.
The tasks to successfully overcome the system provider are varied: In developing new materials and changing consumer needs are taken into account.These criteria the company ILLIG continuously searches the market and with partner companies and research institutions innovative solutions.Higher production speeds and optimized forming processes are only made possible by innovative materials, manufacturing techniques, propulsion systems, electronic components, measurement methods and integrated process control.At the same time new components must go through an extensive quality assurance to ensure operator and maintenance, set-up times, lifetime and availability of the systems can be improved.
Simulations, laboratory and endurance tests in prototype serve at ILLIG early optimization of all components.Our thermoforming specialist is both perform with his lab machines in the area of application technology capable of manufacturing patterns, but to test and optimize new developments in materials and semi-finished products comprehensively.Finally, the integration of the new developments will be considered together with and also directly with customers.The results are solutions for the long-term and economical use

By using synergy effects and intelligent modularization has ILLIG a program that is unique worldwide.Configured Modules allow customized systems in no time.Proven components result in production to economic lot sizes and guarantee high product quality as well as rapid delivery of spare parts for decades.There are also other skills when heated thermoplastic materials and processing techniques for molding by vacuum or compressed air.
The parts are decorated, filled automatically closed by sealing, punched or reworked.Special facilities for the loading of the equipment or downstream equipment for stacking and packaging of the fittings are prerequisites for sophisticated production.System solutions for today ILLIG in the foreground are included from basic machine modules caused by different development stages through to custom high performance machine for multi-shift operation.
The seamless integration of ILLIG systems is reflected in many complete systems that are linked from film production to the finished, decorated mug.In practice, this leads to high-tech solutions with highest availability values.This daily world brand products produced in consistently high quality.

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Supplier Details
GSR Far East Ltd.
Supplier: GSR Far East Ltd.
Year established: 1985
Contact name: 梁振标 Adam Liang
Job title: Sales
Website:  http://www.illig.de/
Email: ben@gsrtwn.com
Phone: +86-21-57646666
Fax: +86-21-57640033
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Efficient forming/punching technology
Efficient forming/punching technology

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RDM 70K from ILLIG stands for high precision, performance and reliability