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In 1972, Ho Tai company developed Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) material as well as a unique Injection molding tool together with a renovated injection molded machine for shoe sole production. The material is an advanced revolutionary product still used extensively today by good many manufactures.

In 1986, in answer to a rapidly growing need for a wide variety of functional applications of the product in the market, Ho Tai collaborated with Shell Oil Company to license the use of its polymer compound known as HTPR (Hydrogenated Thermal Plastic Rubber) in Taiwan. Marketed as EMPILON® this elastomer compound offers greater characteristics created to resist much higher temperature, chemical oxidation and weather erosion than TPR.

EMPILON® is a formulated compound based on styrene-ethlene/butylenes-styrene or styrene-ethlene/propylene-styrene block copolymer. It is an A-B-A type structure of hard plastic polymer at the two ends and a soft elastomer polymer in the middle. This configuration renders the material malleable through heat molding and easily shaped at room temperature still maintaining sturdy and elasticity characteristics.

Attention to details is the secret of Empilon's flawless production. Beginning with R&D, every step is carefully monitored to ensure a comprehensive Total Quality System. Setting EMPILON® apart from the competition is its laboratory created exclusively to develop new products.

This fully equipped laboratory allows EMPILON® to perform complete product testing and manufacturing on a smaller scale before running the full scale production. Moreover, with the R&D's new product development, EMPILON® has the capability to design, test and manufacture its own products completely in-house, guaranteeing the highest quality possible.

EMPILON® goes to great lengths to hire, train, and promote the right people. Empilon's R&D personnel are carefully selected for their overall knowledge of engineering and their specific talent in chemistry and chemical engineering. All salespeople are experienced chemical engineers with very good knowledge and experience in the elastomer and plastic material field. Therefore, all EMPILON® customers will always receive more informed, professional service.

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Supplier Details
Year established: 1972
Contact name: Kevin Liu
Job title: Director
Website:  http://www.empilon.com/
Email: k2000@empilon.com
Phone: 886-3-490-4506/886-2-87973456
Fax: 886-3-490-5106/886-2-87973350
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Address: 352 Section 2, Zhongshan East Road, Xin Wu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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EMPILON® general purpose grade
EMPILON® general purpose grade

Publish on 3/6/2018 09:03:59 PM

The EMPILON® 3 Series General Purpose Economic Grade from Hotai Industrial Co., Ltd is non-toxic and can be recycled.  

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