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Keyarrow (Taiwan) Co.,Ltd
Supplier Category: Metal cutting machines, Tools & Accessories, Pretreating equipment & materials, Others, Tools & Accessories for Machine Tools, Surface Finishing, Metal processing machines
Keyarrow started production 19 years ago(since 1983) with one unit traditional folding machine and one employee.On the basis of honesty and innovation belief,Keyarrow (Taiwan)becomes a telescopic steel cover specialized maker with over hundred employees and occupies 85% local market. For making high quality telescopic covers,Keyarrow keeps production facilities always on the top level.In 1998, for prepare One Piece Flow(OPE) system,increased two production lines for testing.After two years, the OPE system runs officially in factory smoothly. Under this system,production flow from material to finished product cut shout from 5-7days to 4 hours,the production flow was shortened to 50% than origin,and one set telescopic cover is produced in 4’48”.Owin OPE system,Keyarrow reach no inventory of finished product (sum amount of material, semi-finished product and finished product is less than annual revenues 1%) and deliver goods on time targets. For upgrading design system, Pro-E application is launched.
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Supplier Details
Keyarrow (Taiwan) Co.,Ltd
Supplier: Keyarrow (Taiwan) Co.,Ltd
Year established: 1983
Contact name: Yang,Ching-Ho
Job title: Sales Manager
Website:  http://www.keyarrow.com
Email: keyarrow@keyarrow.com
Phone: 886-4-23581239
Fax: 886-4-23581358
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Address: No. 52, Road 39, Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung,407, Taiwan, China

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