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Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corp. Ltd.
Supplier Category: Testing equipment
Our mother company, Carl Schenck AG with 99 % shares of SSM is a worldwide famous company with a history of more than 100 years after its establishment in Darmstadt of Germany in 1881. In 1907, Carl Schenck AG (www.schenck.net) brought the first balancing machine of the world into life. Since then, it has manufactured a great deal of balancing machines with the most advanced technique and high quality for the fields of automobile industry, electric industry, aviation industry, turbo machinery and general industry and provided high-quality service to them as well. Along with its development and its extended business activities, Carl Schenck has set up representatives in nearly 100 countries and enjoyed a very good reputation in the world. Due to its strategic policy of successive and abundant development of new products, Carl Schenck is generally acknowledged as the leading enterprise in the field of industrial balancing machines. In August 1996, to cope with the development demand of world economy, Carl Schenck readjusted its internal organizational structure and founded an independent accounting entity "Schenck RoTec GmbH" on the basis of the former product departments A and B. This brought Schenck 's business of balancing machines into a new rapid development phase. Going with a development trend of integrated economy in the world, in consideration of forthcoming entering of China into World Trade Organization as well as to meet unceasing increase of demand of Chinese industry for the products with both high technique and high quality, Carl Schenck has established this new company which shall manufacture new designed general balancing machines, various special balancing machines and automatic balancing machines.   In fact, Carl Schenck has been active on the Chinese market from the beginning of 1950, a great deal of advanced balancing machines have been delivered from Schenck Darmstadt to China, not only the high precision satellite balancing machines for the Chinese aviation industry, but also the high -speed balancing machines for various semi- and fully automatic balancing machines for the production lines of Chinese automotive industry. Undeniably, for the Chinese machinery industry, the mark of SCHENCK stands for high tech- and high quality balancing machines. All these will help the Chinese Machinery industry to improve its quality standard and adapt to the Chances and challenges resulting from the entering of China into World Trade Organization (WTO). While we supply the high tech balancing machines with the same quality of Schenck's original products to the Chinese customers, we hold regular technical trainings for our customers, organize irregular seminars about balancing technique and offer consultation and engineering service and so on. Noteworthy is, to realize its strategic policy of "one face to the customer", for the Chinese market, Carl Schenck purposes to let SSM become the coordination center of Carl Schenck's balancing businesses in China for sales- and service activities as well as transaction of spare parts. That means, any inquiry from a Chinese customer for a machine or a after sales service or spare parts will be coordinated by SSM based on different payment abilities, price and foreign currency expectations of the customers. For instance, if it deals with an inquiry from a customer, it will be coordinated in which form a machine is delivered to the customer, a fully imported machine with installation and commissioning by Chinese service engineers, or a SSM-made machine, or a combination delivery for the customer, (e. g) a SSM made machine with key parts delivered by Schenck Darmstadt. Any way, we count on support from all our friends, welcome you to choose our products and cooperate with our company in any manner. We sincerely hope that we can cooperate with the friends from Chinese machinery industry in the field of balancing machines to push the balancing technique of China into a brand-new level. Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corporation Ltd. Balancing Machine
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Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corp. Ltd.
Supplier: Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corp. Ltd.
Contact name: Wang Li
Job title: Marketing
Website:  http://www.schenck.cn
Email: wang.li@schenck.cn
Phone: 86-21-6265-9663
Fax: 86-21-6265-5326
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Address: No. 36, Lane 239,Nujiang (N) Road