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Shanghai Kudos Ultrasonic Instrument Co. Ltd
Supplier Category: General purpose machines, Pretreating equipment & materials, Surface Finishing
Produced by the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning machine   As the leading ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer, we initiate the technological revolution and lead the industry into digital era. Our competitors keep on copying our product but we take it as the motivation of our innovation. Every time when they try to follow us, the Kodus family presents a new hit to the market.   You can see it as evolution, but we are proud of calling it 搕he history of family success?   Thirty-two products in four product lines with the volume from 3L to 22.5L will satisfy all your needs.    Comprehensive parameters are clearly display on the background LCD. The novel appearance with unique design adapts to your modernized lab.    Sixteen products within two product lines have two switchable operation frequencies of 40KHz and 59KHz. The breakthrough provides the products with multi-function to better fulfill your needs.(patent No.:200420036832.0 )    The adjustability with step of subtle 1% of the maximum power within the range of 40% to 100% of maximum power allows you to set the optical power easily to degas, extraction and mixture positioning.    The temperature set range is from 20℃ to 80℃. The function of auto alarm and power-off upon boiling dry provides the security system on mis-operation.    Do you want to instantly get the water temperature in the trough? The real-time temperature display will show you. You can get real-time temperature information by 揾eating on?flash signal, heat preservation buzzer and ultrasonically temperature harmonization function.    ST Microelectronics high-speed anti-interference chip completely eliminates the ultrasonic interference to LCD circuit. The strong pulse comes from the heart with top technology.    The user-friendly drainage tube is helpful when the cleaning machine is distant from waterspout.    The multi-function pinchcock solves the problem of fixing rounded bottom appliance such as tubes and measure cups.    Accessories, both standard and selective, satisfy your various applications using beaker, tube, measure cup and waterspout. It relieves your hands from heavy work and improve efficiency.    total consumption power    above your imagination    excelled to take the lead    exhibit superior taste and prominent personality    experience digital LCD era, no need to wait    The Kodus family LCD series ultrasonic cleaner
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Supplier Details
Shanghai Kudos Ultrasonic Instrument Co. Ltd
Supplier: Shanghai Kudos Ultrasonic Instrument Co. Ltd
Contact name:
Website:  http://www.kudoschina.com
Email: chinakudos@online.sh.com
Phone: 86-21-6495-2013
Fax: 86-21-6495-7817
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