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Automated cleaning machine makes coffee kitchens more sustainable

Source:igus     Date:2021-12-20
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igus bearing technology ensures movement in the automatic auum-S cleaning machine without lubrication or maintenance. (Photo: igus GmbH)

Each year, 2.8 billion disposable cups are used in Germany alone. Many of them are used in coffee vending machines in companies because they are practical. This means that the coffee or tea drinker always has a clean cup at hand and dirty cups do not pile up in the sink. But French company, auum wants to show that there is another solution and that the number of disposable cups can be reduced. auum stands for "arrètons l'usage unique maintenant." (Let's stop single use immediately) They have developed the auum-S, a space-saving steam glass washer. For the cleaning mechanism, the developers rely on igus plain bearing technology that requires no lubrication or maintenance, and therefore easy to clean.


Hygienic and saves water and energy

The auum-S is designed for sustainability: It uses very little electricity, hardly any water from the integrated water tank and takes up very little space (50x50x20cm). The machine cleans, disinfects and dries a drinking glass in ten seconds with only 5cl of water. The steam comes out at over 140°C, killing all bacteria without using chemicals. Users place the container in the beautifully designed machine and a dome slides over the glass, completely encapsulating the container. Steam cleans and sanitizes the glass and a stream of air dries it. Once this step is complete, the dome lifts again so that the user can remove the glass. igus linear technology is integrated into the sliding mechanism. drylin SLW ensures smooth dome opening and closing. 

"The bearing technology had to meet our robustness, reliability and minimal maintenance requirements," says Clément Hullier, auum's Managing Director. "Freedom from lubricants was also a requirement, for reasons of hygiene." In initial tests, the igus tribo-polymer technology proved to be the best solution: It allowed low-friction dry operation without external lubricants and the bearings are quiet and wear-resistant. These advantages helped the developers to decide to use plain bearing bushings made of iglidur J in the glass rotation axis.


Watch: The auum-S 


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