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Changing product grippers quickly and safely

Source:FIPA     Date:2022-08-25
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MEYPACK Verpackungstechnik has specialised in developing solutions for fully automated goods packing. The company presented a pilot plant of its new VP600 machine series at ANUGA 2022 in Cologne, which includes three SR90 quick change systems from FIPA GmbH that allow product grippers to be quickly replaced.

4959_SR90_A_Save_Lock - Copy.jpg


MEYPACK in Nottuln-Appelhülsen has over 65 years of experience in designing packaging machines that provide the most appropriate solution for virtually any packaging task. The business offers custom-made machines for the cardboard packaging, foil packaging, palletising and depalletising as well as bag sealing technology sectors. Standard modular assemblies and elements from the MEYPACK modular system mean that it can be adapted to various applications.

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(Photo: Jan Hagen)

The new VP600 machine series has been designed for smaller sized packaging. It packs pouches, flow wraps, covers, small cardboard boxes in trays, tray lids or wrap-around cuts of dimensions from 70 x 60 x 60 mm to 400 x 200 x 250 mm. Its throughput ultimately depends on its application. According to its specification, the machine can pack around 360 to 400 products in up to approx. 40 packages. The product grippers in the plants can carry out various work steps on the horizontal and vertical traversing axes. These are used to carry out individual operations within the system, such as gripping, raising, gluing and moving different cardboard boxes.

Innovative application for the FIPA quick-change system

For the VP600 packaging machine MEYPACK was looking for a solution to quickly change the various product grippers in order to replace the more complex in-house system. Torsten Omlin, Technical Sales Manager for North-West Germany at FIPA, suggested the SR90 quick-change system with the SAFE-LOCK locking indication. These quick-change systems are typically used to manually connect robots and grippers in a way that ensures a safe process – but it can also be installed on transverse axes. MEYPACK tested out this suggestion and put it into practice with FIPA’s help.

FIPA_4965_Photography_Jan_Hagen___JHA_0899_s - Copy.jpg

 (Photos: Jan Hagen)

The SAFE-LOCK locking indication allows the operating personnel to detect on demand whether the quick-change system has been closed correctly and is ready to operate by using the optical locking indication. An additional safety step in the process ensures that the pneumatic connections are always assigned correctly. Its high-strength anodised aluminium alloy provides exceptional stability and ensures a long service life.


Martin Fuchsgruber from MEYPACK’s design team had some nice things to say about the solution: “The FIPA SR90 quick-change system enables individual product grippers to be changed quickly and safely. We've been able to significantly improve the machine’s efficiency as it was so quick to set up. Our employees are also really pleased by the fact that marked improvements have been made, which means it’s now much easier to use. This application is a first for FIPA. It's the first time quick-change systems have been used outside their usual sector for the new generation of packaging plants. FIPA quick changers have been a largely unknown quantity in this sector up to now. This application means that won't be the case for long.

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