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Datacolor's improved spectrophotometers

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-05-27
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Datacolor, in partnership with Ringier Events, held a webinar on 29 April 2021 to introduce its colour management solutions to the Vietnam market.  The webinar, “Higher efficiency and greater confidence can be achieved with Datacolor colour management solutions,” featured the presentation of Steven Le, Sales Manager, Indochina of Datacolor Vietnam. Mr. Le provided effective tips on how the automotive industry can further enhance the appearance and quality of automotive parts and coatings. 


In his presentation, Mr. Le explained how colour influences the products especially those intended for Vietnam’s vehicle interior production, and the importance of accuracy in colour matches and storing colour information digitally.  Datacolor has been serving various industries globally, among them, textile & apparel, paint and coatings, retail paint, automotive, paper and ink, cosmetics, photography and plastics. The company offers complete solutions for end-to-end workflow. These solutions improve colour measurement and control, analysis and communication, colour formulation, visual assessment, laborary dyeing and dispensing. 


Mr. Steven Le, Sales Manager, Indochina of Datacolor Vietnam

Colour development process for the auto industry

In the automotive industry, stringent requirements in the visual aspect of automotive interior parts push manufacturers to ensure harmony in terms of colour, gloss and texture. In the same vein, the appearance standards need to be shared digitally across the supply chain with extreme consistency.


Datacolor meets today’s challenges for the automotive industry by offering solutions that are aimed at improving the aesthetic quality and performance of the automotive parts and interior through colour accuracy.  Noting that the appearance of the vehicle exterior and interior have become a dominant criterion in the decision-making process of buyers who want comfort matched with design and colour, colour management solutions have become indispensable in the automotive industry. 


The Datacolor Spectro 700 & 1000 family of spectrophotometers are ideal for the colour measurement requirements of today’s automotive industry, according to Mr. Le’s presentation. Beyond colour measurement, Datacolor brings its wealth of expertise in its products to meet the challenges in colour measurements. The Datacolor Spectro 700 & 1000 models ensure high inter-instrument agreement as these true close-tolerance instruments are designed for excellent performance and inter-instrument agreement right out of the box and allow for confident sharing of colorimetric data throughout the customer’s organisation and supply chain.  The quick and easy measurement of the sample temperature gives users the added confidence in their operations. Datacolor has the industry’s only 5-year extended warranty as the company aims to minimise disruptions to a customer’s operations.



As Mr. Le explained, the high efficiency and reliability from Datacolor Spectro 700 & 1000 family of spectrophotometers can increase productivity with fast measurement speed and response times. They also improve operations through the seamless backward compatibility to Datacolor benchtop instruments. More important, these products are a reflection of Datacolor and how it has prepared itself for the future where with an Internet-connected platform, many possibilities can be tapped. 


The new breed of Spectro 700 & 1000 family of spectrophotometers features a new industrial design with sturdy metal housing.  It enables sample temperature measurement to increase confidence in measurement data and has a fix LED/ sample camera display. The units no longer need RS232 as it’s possible to use USB or Ethernet connector, while the HV is set digitally. It also features Internet connectivity to enable future remote services and access to data analytics. The 5-year warranty reinforces confidence in the reliability of these models.  For more information about Datacolor’s products, visit: www.datacolor.com


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