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Ingredion unveils support infrastructure for its tapioca starch

Source:Ingredion     Date:2022-09-27
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Following 10 years of agricultural innovation, Ingredion Incorporated unveiled a next-generation tapioca starch that addresses extreme food manufacturing requirements and supports sustainability trends. Now the company is unveiling additional tools to help product manufacturers leverage the new ingredients.


Lilian Tan, Business Development Manager, Starch-Based Texturizers, Asia Pacific said: “Ingredion spent almost a decade developing the next generation of tapioca to address the need for greater process tolerance and shelf-life stability, and to meet consumer demand for affordable, sustainable products. It’s vital we now help customers get the most out of these products so consumers could see the benefit in theirs.”



With its newly launched digital library, Ingredion aims to drive understanding, from the ways tapioca differs from other ingredients and can help food manufacturers overcome flavour and texture challenges to the business benefit of using tapioca. The company has developed a short video and eBook offering insights into changing consumer behaviours that are driving market developments.


Tan explained: “We developed next generation tapioca ingredients to solve customer challenges, and in that same spirit, we felt an obligation to share our knowledge regarding successes. Customers have been able to innovate and expand into new growth categories. By showing actual-use cases, we hope to help product developers more quickly recognise how they can affordably achieve their sensory and label goals while making a meaningful impact on improving sustainability.”


Brian Nash, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Ingredion, said: “Our latest tapioca development is really unique. Compared to other starches, it generates fewer greenhouse gases, requires less electricity and creates less wastewater in production, and the pulp by-product can be used as a biofuel. Looking beyond ingredients as options and more as sustainable solutions is an area in which we as an enterprise are excited to innovate.”


Ingredion will also add content and expand its sustainability section to highlight the rapidly growing conversation around the topic.

To know more about the product, please visit: https://www.ingredion.com/apac/en-sg/be-whats-next/next-generation-tapioca-benefits.html

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