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Multitasking CNC lathe plus gantry loader from JARNG

Source:Ringier Metalworking     Date:2017-05-11
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This NC machine tools is equipped with the following:
1. Bar capacity: Ø30mm
2. A2-5 spindle can work with 6”hydraulic chuck.
3. Optional C-axis for arbitrary angle spindle positioning and contour control
4. Optional Y-axis live tooling device; End side live tooling device.
5. Robotic arm with hand-held man-machine interface and dedicated handheld touch screen
6. According to the feeding demand of the customers, we provide the way of feeding / feeding with stacking hoisting type tray, plate type tray or vibration cylinder.
Product features includes:
[1] High-speed, high-precision, improve production efficiency and quality
[2] Day and night without interruption continuous processing, can save manpower cost
[3] GREENWAY can also assist with configuration monitoring if customers need action monitoring
Based on comprehensive processing equipment and an excellent professional team, GREENWAY, the company's brand name, is able to exercise strict quality control throughout the whole in-house process from product design, manufacturing, assembling and inspection which, in turn, has earned customers’ continuous recognition and praise.
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