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Achieving production confidence through measurement

Source:VICIVISION     Date:2021-03-25
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UK-based Technoset, operating in the aerospace market, specializes in creating highly complex, precision-machined components on its multi-axis turning and milling centres, using both common and exotic metals. 

Following the line of investments in machine tools, the company has decided to invest in quality control.


Kevan Kane - Managing Director

"We recently purchased the Vici, which is more of a laser scanning machine. The beauty of this machine was that you're able to program the part very quickly. In a lot of cases, an operator can go to the machine, load his part into the machine, press the button, scans the product, and auto-recognize that product and goes automatically to the program."

"So, it is very easy for the operator. And then, within 30 seconds he has a report of maybe 30, 35 different features and characteristics that are either hopefully conforming or need some attention to bring them back into the mean."

"The VICI machine and the OGP machines are robust pieces of kit and they can be used in the production environment, which is where they really need to be because you’ve got to keep your spindles and you’ve got to keep production running. We keep them in the workshop, on the front line, right where they belong. The most important thing that we were looking for was reliability and repeatability. Thereafter, it is around service and support and I have to say that they are always on the end of the phone if we’ve got a problem or a query or relating to maybe a program or a part that’s running through a program."

"Customer's expectation on time in full and quality are an absolute given but they want it at the lowest cost of course, which was a large factor in our decision-making process to purchase the Vici machine, because of its speed, because of its accuracy and reliability."

"For me, it is an integral part of what we do. Without that measurement capability, you can't produce the sophisticated products you produce with any degree of confidence. If a customer challenges something, how can you prove a result if you can't measure it? We need this modern technology to keep evolving."



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