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Addressing major trends in the blown film extrusion sector

Source:International Plastics News for Asia Release Date:2022-10-10 1062
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As a leading producer of blown film extrusion lines, Kung Hsing Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. has already accumulated 50 years of experience. Mr. Kun-Lin Tsai, Vice President, talks about the recent trends in the blown film sector that define its innovative technology.

As a leading producer of blown film extrusion lines, Kung Hsing Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. has already accumulated 50 years of experience in plastic extrusion machinery and offers a wide range of blown film lines, monofilament making machine, recycling systems, etc. Located in Taiwan, Kung Hsing offers complete 3-layer to 7-layer systems that are ideal for the processing of virgin as well as recycled and biodegradable materials into plastic films. The films are for such applications as food packaging, agricultural packaging, heat shrink film, etc. to meet the various requirements of its customers. Mr. Kun-Lin Tsai, Vice President of Kung Hsing Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. shares with International Plastics News for Asia how the company can raise the efficiency and productivity of its customers through its innovative technology.

Kung Hsing-rep web.jpg

Mr. Kun-Lin Tsai, Vice President, Kung Hsing Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.


What current trends in plastic films production affect the development of Kung Hsing blown film solutions and why?

Mr. Kun-Lin: The world market is seeing increased demand for plastic films. For instance, there is rising requirement for safe and hygienic packaging in foods, beverage and other products. Another important trend is that single-material packaging is gaining popularity due to its recyclability. To achieve the properties of existing composite packaging materials, single material formulations and micro-layer film structures must be developed.


To be more specific, we see the packaging market for food and beverage changing along with other special markets. That is why more companies require machines that produce film capable of consolidating oxygen and moisture barriers through a high safety standard to prolong the freshness of food. For example, packaging that is appropriate for storing frozen meat down to -40°C, seafood, dairy products and cookies. We also see greater exchange of fresh meat and seafood around the world, thanks to export agreements for meat products, leading to more countries having high demand for safer packaging.


Kung Hsing has been monitoring all these important trends. In response, we have developed and introduced co-extrusion blown film lines that are specifically designed to address the market preference for high productivity and recyclability at the most cost-efficient manner. 


How can Kung Hsing blown film solutions realise higher productivity and greater efficiency? 


Mr. Kun-Lin: Through the unique machine design, automation devices, and production monitoring system, Kung Hsing blown film solutions can help customers achieve 30% increase in production as compared to other extruders available in the market today. Kung Hsing managed to provide advanced blow film system to increase production capacity while keeping energy consumption at the same level. In addition to energy efficiency, performance in terms of speed is the best characteristic of Kung Hsing’s multilayer film co-extrusion machines.


Kung Hsing offers multilayer machines that can be left unattended; with production monitoring capable of evaluating problems and utilise production data to achieve great precision, enhance efficiency, and increase production throughput rate at the same time. For instance, our 5-layer die design reduces melt resident time, enables quick change-over and consistent melt distribution, as well as high output rate. This design is capable of a throughput of 600 kg/h with Ø 300 mm die, and guarantees rate of return that is 2 times the diameter of the die


Such innovation seals Kung Hsing’s special position in the blown film sector where the market is always on the lookout for solutions that can improve profitability at lower production costs.

product-1 web.jpg

Kung Hsing offers complete blown film lines for the processing of 

virgin as well as recycled/biodegradable materials. 

Can Kung Hsing blow film line adhere to circular economy targets given the growing market preference for technologies that can process recycled materials? 


Mr. Kun-Lin: Biodegradable film lines and extruders that can process more environmentally-friendly materials are gaining more relevance in the industry. However, it is important to note that there are still challenges waiting to be solved, for example, reducing the price of technology and improving the properties of biodegradable plastic films. We are proud to say that our innovative spirit and commitment to excellence have enabled us to respond to the call towards circular economy in plastics production as Kung Hsing has been providing production lines that can process biodegradable materials. 


The 5-layer Kung Hsing co-extrusion line is by far our response towards circularity in plastics production. Using multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing machines allows for more flexible material formulations and even higher percentages of recycled materials to be added, which can benefit the recycling economy. It can produce cleaner recycled plastic pellets and increase the percentage of recycled material added with more advanced recycling equipment.


To meet the high demand for food and beverage packaging, the 5-layer co-extrusion blown film line is capable of processing recyclable all-PE multilayer structure film, gaining more relevance in an industry that is fast moving towards a circular economy. This characteristic is built based on the increasing awareness in the application of environmentally-friendly materials. In this regard, Kung Hsing has been keeping the balance between improving recyclable all-PE multilayer structure film and reducing the price of this innovative technology.


Automation plays an important role in today’s production operations. Does Kung Hsing offer this technology? 


Mr. Kun-Lin: Automation in plant operation is essential if you want to generate a production capacity aligned to the requests of customers. For example, Kung Hsing offers multilayer machines with high production rate - thanks to the outstanding design, which contributes to lower processing cost and increases production throughput rate for customers.


For years, we have been dedicated to improving extrusion equipment, thus as compared to our other extruders, the result was a 30% increase in production.

Within the perspective of maximising production capacity as aligned to the demanding packaging sector, Kung Hsing offers automation system multilayer machines that require less personnel to operate and enable high precision, enhanced efficiency, and increased production throughput rate at the same time.  

Plant-1 web.jpg

The plant in Taiwan has been meeting the requirements of 

both domestic and international customers.


Is Kung Hsing planning to launch new products in the future or embarking on market expansion? If yes, please explain.


Mr. Kun-Lin: Kung Hsing is planning to launch new blown film machines for application in eco-friendly agriculture film and commercial packaging bags. We are also planning an expansion of our machine portfolio with new lines that is capable to produce wider PE agriculture film and geomembrane film at high capacity and with low energy consumption in the future.


Kung Hsing has been increasing market share in Southeast Asia in recent years where we can meet the requirements of more target customers in the region. 

What do you think are the challenges that the blown film production sector will face in Southeast Asia and why? How will you meet these challenges?


Mr. Kun-Lin: Tariffs, volatile exchange rates in regional countries, and price competition from China all pose challenges to the ASEAN market. Kung Hsing continues to develop new equipment, improve machine performance, keep prices reasonable, and provide prompt and comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, making it a trustworthy and secure partner for our customers.


In addition to basic after-sales service and fast parts supply, we can also provide advice on film blowing technology and material formulation. 



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