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Advanced electric two-wheeler battery covers

Source:Polyplastics Co., Ltd. Release Date:2024-02-21 242
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Polyplastics and Selex Motors join forces to advance electric two-wheeler battery covers



Polyplastics has announced that its DURANEX®︎ PBT has been selected for battery packs produced by SELEX MOTORS, an electric motorcycle start-up company from Vietnam.


Battery covers play a crucial role in EVs by providing safety and maintaining the integrity of the battery pack. They are also important for the overall functionality and attractiveness of electric two-wheelers, which ultimately contribute to the success of the EV market.


Selex Motors has chosen Polyplastics’ DURANEX®︎ PBT, specifically formulated and produced for this application to help the company improve the overall quality of its batteries.


The advanced grade of DURANEX®︎ PBT features flame retardancy, low warpage, heat, and moisture resistance. By integrating DURANEX®︎ into its battery covers, Selex is setting a higher standard for performance and reliability, ultimately contributing to a greener, more efficient, and safer EV future.


Polyplastics and Selex Motors adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring battery covers meet strict quality benchmarks. DURANEX®︎ PBT has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) with a V-0 rating, indicating its high flame retardancy. Furthermore, battery covers made with DURANEX®︎ have exceeded the demanding requirements of the TCVN (Vietnam National Standard System), and stringent international standards.

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