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Ayhan and Dr Karl Busch awarded Gold Medal of Honor of Lörrach

Source:Busch Vacuum Release Date:2022-09-09 1549
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Three generations of the Busch family were present to witness the honoring of Ayhan and Dr Karl Busch with the Gold Medal of Honor by the district of Lörrach.

Three generations of the Busch family were present to witness the honoring of Ayhan and Dr Karl Busch. The couple was awarded for their joint life’s work, their social and cultural commitment and their dedication to the community with the Gold Medal of Honor, the highest award the district of Lörrach bestows.


“You revolutionized the vacuum industry. It was fortunate for the district that you remained within the region.” With these words, District Administrator Marion Dammann underscored the importance of the life’s work of Ayhan and Dr Karl Busch for the region of Lörrach. In her laudation, she emphasized how much the technical skills of Dr Karl Busch and the entrepreneurial talent of Ayhan Busch had worked together to make the establishment of Busch Vacuum Solutions possible. She also addressed their sense of reality and down-to-earthness. 

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The District Administrator emphasized the great charitable commitment of Ayhan and Dr Karl Busch, citing examples from a wide variety of areas, such as support for schools and universities in the region as well as donations to the German Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders 

In their joint speech, Ayhan and Dr Karl Busch thanked the district administrator for the award and the laudation and told how they started as entrepreneurs. Dr Busch gave a brief outline of the beginnings of Busch Vacuum Solutions and emphasized that the company was founded in this region in 1963 and they are very grateful for the development it has taken.  Ayhan Busch cited how important the good relationship with their employees is to both of them.  


Maulburg, home to the headquarters of Busch Vacuum Solutions, is part of the Lörrach district. The certificate and the Gold Medal of Honor of the district were presented to the Busch couple during a meeting of the district council. The Gold Medal of Honor has been awarded since 1990 to people who have rendered outstanding services to the district of Lörrach and its inhabitants.


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