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Bio Ark Global envisions redefining agriculture in Indonesia

Source:Bio Ark Globa Pte, Ltd Release Date:2024-02-07 144
Food & Beverage Industry Updates
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Singapore bio-tech company Bio Ark Global is partnering with Bandung state-owned Enterprise, BUMD PT Perdana Multi Sarana Bandung Barat (PMgs); signs MOU to be awarded 4000ha of land in Pemalang, Indonesia

Bio Ark Globa Pte, Ltd has formalised a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Bandung, Indonesia to mark its expansion in Southeast Asia. The bio-tech company incorporated in Singapore is making strides in agriculture, providing solutions for food security globally. The company's global committee members were in Indonesia recently to introduce their work. 


Under the leadership of founders, Mr Matthew Edward Loh and Mr Jeremy Chua, Bio Ark Global collaborates with growers across continents and unites them in a global movement to cultivate better and provide safer food while restoring the health of the planet, for the benefit of humanity.



Signing of MOU between Bio Ark Global and BUMD PT Perdana Multi Sarana Bandung Barat (PMgs) (Source: Bio Ark)


Indonesia is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia (SEA) and it is committed to sustainable development, aligned with the global shift towards responsible and eco-friendly practices.  Indonesia's agricultural industry makes up close to 15% of its GDP, providing diverse organic inputs to the global market, including palm products, spices, and other produce. Therefore, Bio Ark Global recognises that Indonesia's ability to sustainably grow crops for its rapidly growing economy is intricately intertwined with the well-being of its natural resources.


Bio Ark Global’s bio-organic technology and agricultural inputs are free of synthetic chemicals, GMOs, and contaminants. These products not only enhance the quality and quantity of crop yields, they also mitigate the effects of climate change on crop growth. Additionally, these fertilisers harness beneficial microbes that in the long term help to maintain soil fertility.


One of Bio Ark Global's unique strategies is its commitment to a closed-loop and fully self-sufficient cycle, sourcing and producing all raw ingredients and fertilizers locally. This strategy not only fosters ecological and economic sustainability but also creates a deep connection with the land and its people. More importantly, it addresses one of the major threats to our generation – climate change. By implementing these agricultural practices, Bio Ark Global seeks to actively reduce carbon emissions and absorb carbon from the environment, thus mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability as a force for positive change. With these, Bio Ark Global hopes to establish a resilient agricultural ecosystem that enables both the farmers and the community to flourish.


In Bandung, a key partnership with the state-owned enterprise, BUMD PT Perdana Multi Sarana Bandung Barat (PMgS), based in West Bandung district, was officially formalised on 1 February 2024, where the executive team of Bio Ark Global, and Mr Deden Robby, Director of PMgS, inaugurated the very first bio-organic fertiliser plant in Bandung.

More importantly, the partnership with PMgS heralds a new era of innovation for the agricultural industry in the region whilst fostering sustainable practices, to ensure that local and regional demands of food supply are met.


Known historically as a major producer of agriculture, especially rice, Bandung has over 160,000 hectares of land dedicated to farming, of which over 35% is used for food crop.


Bio Ark Global Committee Members with Mr Mansur Hidayat S.T., Regent of Pemalang

On 2nd February 2024, in Pemalang Central Java an MOU between Bio Ark Global and the Pemalang government is slated to be signed in a months' time to award Bio Ark Global with 4,000 hectares of land to launch a comprehensive corn cultivation venture. This will set the foundation for closed-loop food security solution.


Under the MOU, 4,000 hectares of land for the initiative will be provided under a profit-sharing agreement underscoring the Pemalang government's confidence in Bio Ark Global's commitment to fostering mutual success and sustainability in the local agricultural sector.

Bio Ark Global will also be collaborating with Pemalang local partner P.T. SGP Indo Fresh Produce, an established entity with years of experience in Indonesia that specialises in being an off-taker for agricultural exports. This collaboration will ensure a seamless integration into the local agricultural ecosystem. Apart from corn cultivation, Bio Ark Global will also be conducting field trials on other export crops in collaboration with local farmers.

"Regions such as Bandung and Pemalang possess untapped potential for sustainable agricultural growth." commented Mr Loh of Bio Ark Global's interest in this particular region.  "The provincial governments have exhibited a praiseworthy proactive stance via their collaborations with Bio Ark Global's initiatives. They have strategically planned for the imminent phase of substantial advancements in the local agricultural sector, highlighting the resilience and strategic vision that defines Indonesia's multifaceted developmental landscape."

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