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CMT Materials at NPE 2024

Source:CMT Materials Release Date:2024-04-02 158
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CMT Materials to showcase HYTAC® HTF Syntactic Foam Plug-Assists for high-temperature use at NPE 2024



CMT Materials will showcase its latest HYTAC® syntactic foam with high service temperature and high friction at the upcoming NPE 2024 exhibition May 6-10 at the Orlando County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. (Booth   W-6888). HYTAC® HTF, a copolymer syntactic foam, is ideal for “sticky” materials and a range of other high-performance applications.


HYTAC® HTF is the latest in toughened copolymers that are easy to use and extend the performance range to fill challenging market needs, according to John Moy, Sales and Marketing Manager for CMT Materials. The company has witnessed strong growth for HYTAC® HTF which is the the culmination of collaborative work with leading thermoforming companies to optimize plug-assist material choices. “We have had many requests for newly developed copolymer and syntactic materials as the global plastics packaging market continues to evolve and grow,” said Moy. “These companies seek a balance between the latest thermoforming techniques and specifically designed tooling materials.”


HYTAC® HTF is a syntactic foam capable of high service temperature performance (232oC/450oF) based on a toughened copolymer formulation and microsphere size which is the smallest that CMT Materials has ever used.  HYTAC® HTF allows lower heat transfer between the plug and sheet. The plug-assist material promotes evenly distributed material throughout the entire part and is excellent for deep-draw applications due to its high friction.


It is easily polished to a mirror-like surface while maintaining optimal friction properties, making it an ideal choice for use with sticky barrier films to minimize plug buildup. In barrier applications, HYTAC® HTF reduces additive build-up and cleans quicker, thus reducing downtime and labor cost. The material’s small microsphere size facilitates the production of highly transparent and clear parts.


Copolymer plug materials such as HYTAC® HTF also provide dust-free machining and high strength. Its durability makes it highly effective in pushing the film into smaller corners and other troublesome areas. HYTAC® HTF is available in a variety of sheet and rod sizes.


HYTAC® syntactic foam is used by the majority of toolmakers and thermoforming processors around the world. Thin-gauge thermoformed parts such as drinking cups, coffee capsules, fruit trays, barrier trays, horticultural parts, and many more are formed with plug-assisted pre-stretching. HYTAC plugs are designed with specific material properties to optimize plastic parts and provide low thermal conductivity, low specific heat, and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). CMT offers a full range of materials allowing designers and operators to create high-quality plugs for a variety of polymers and their required geometries.

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