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Challenges in the post-Covid era

Source:HCI Automation Technology     Date:2022-09-05
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The global market is in turmoil in the post-Covid era, and manufacturers must reduce their cost burden to deal with the unexpected increase in cost control risks. HCI Converting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of converting equipment for the flexible packaging industry that is actively developing green technologies to achieve highly automated and intelligent manufacturing processes in order to meet new challenges. At the moment, manufacturers can retain better capital flexibility, significantly improve QCD production management processes, and adapt to the current rapidly changing market by using HCI's automated equipment.

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Short-term labor shortages are difficult to overcome, and increasing automation has become a hot topic in the manufacturing industry. 

As its slogan says: The Practical Solution to Your Converting Needs, HCI offers customers in the early stages of automation transformation the most cost-effective and practical machine and whole plant equipment at a competitive price. In the process of communication with customers, HCI has found that the downtime of manufacturers is almost equal to or even longer than the high-speed operation of the equipment. In other words, increasing the automation of the stop-and-change process can significantly improve production efficiency. HCI's new generation of slitter and shrink label seaming machines are designed with turret winder with roll changing system that can automatically receive and change the rolls at high speed to increase production capacity and reduce downtime associated with manual rewinding operations.



Systematic Innovation and Rapid Response Customization

Virus variants that are unpredictable and it will continue to put companies' response capabilities to the test in the post-epidemic era. Increased demand for slitting machines and medical sterilization bag-making machines for such as melt-blown fabric for masks has resulted from increased demand for medical supplies. Suppliers, on the other hand, frequently have either no orders or urgent orders! Diverse manufacturing needs and new materials are putting machinery manufacturers' customization and flexibility to the test.

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In its latest success story, HCI has leveraged its extensive customization and manufacturing capabilities to design new "elliptical product rewinders" for its customers, which include features such as programable glue application control, mold-free oval rewinding technology, finished products automatic pickup device, eight-station automatic rotating finished product table. It simplifies the process that used to require at least 3 manual steps and helps customers overcome the bottlenecks in the existing production process. The continuous refinement of such systemic customization technology is HCI's "Blue Ocean Strategy", which has successfully created differentiation and maintained competitiveness in the international market.


There is a global market consensus on green manufacturing

People require high-quality plastic packaging in the post-epidemic era for hygiene, medical care, and safety; the shift toward sustainable, green manufacturing processes will be a major direction for human society in the future. HCI has successfully assisted customers in designing and manufacturing more durable machines using recycled or recyclable materials to extend machine life and reduce carbon emissions, developing equipment to be used with newly developed single-component based multi-layer film (such as BOPE) for a more circular economy bag-making operation. Furthermore, with its range of production equipment that incorporates advanced European industrial safety systems and meets CE marking standards, HCI is the best partner to assist manufacturers in entering the European Union market.


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