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Clariant highlights the Thai beauty concept

Source: Release Date:2023-11-17 165
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Clariant’s host of sustainable, ethical, and science-backed products with touches from natural ingredients offered for personalized skincare solutions were featured at in-cosmetics Asia 2023.

At in-cosmetics in Thailand (7-9 November 2023 / BITEC, Bangkok), Clariant featured a brand-new concept based on Thai beauty.


Thailand's cosmetic trend focuses on high-value products, efficacy, advanced functions, and standout ingredients. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their skincare routines, favoring formulas like serums and ampoules to fortify and strengthen their skin. Brands are adapting by tailoring their offerings to match evolving consumer priorities, focusing on effectiveness, availability, and overall health.


“The most fascinating aspect of the beauty product scene in Thailand is probably the wide range of available products,” said Vipul Bhatt, Head of Personal and Home Care, Clariant Care Chemicals APAC. “The way in which a traditional product may be transformed into a brand new idea in terms of texture and shape made possible by the use of innovative ingredients explains how this market is ready to embrace scientific innovation for skincare products and that’s where Clariant’s ingredients take the stage to show their unique features.”


Clariant’s ranges of natural and versatile ingredients could be adopted in various skincare and haircare products along this unique theme of Thai beauty, the company said. These include: Hair Cleansing Oil and Conditioner - a luxury care hair oil cleanser featuring the natural Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil; a spa bubbly jelly cleanser that bring thai spa experience at home, that bears the unique fragrance of the Beraca™ Gold Clay and Plantasens® Berto® Papaya Extract; a silk cocoon facial cleanser thin as a piece of paper that effortlessly melt away in contact with water; and the Retinol Glow Serum made by an advanced formulation technique featuring many of Clariant’s own renowned ingredients.


In addition to showcases at the booth, Clariant will also feature some of their new ingredients at in-cosmetics Asia’s dedicated Innovation Zone, where highlights are given on how they demonstrate their clinical effectiveness. One of the products featured is the new rheology modifier Aristoflex Eco T that caters for both performance and a desirable environmental profile. This next-generation patented technology combines performance of synthetic polymers with the environmental profile of biopolymers.


At the trade show’s Innovation Zone, Clariant introduced the newly-launched Rootness Mood+ advanced skincare active ingredient that mimics the recognized benefits of natural light to reactivate the skin’s natural radiance by triggering photoreceptors on it. Extracted eco-responsibly from the roots of the plant Sanguisorba officinalis that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, Rootness Mood+ balances the adverse effects of reduced sun exposure to cosmetically reproduce light’s benefits on the skin to improve mood while also boosting Vitamin D through distribution and receptor activation. Rootness Mood+ was awarded the 2nd prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2023 and the Ringier Innovation Award 2023. It also won the bronze prize at CITE Japan 2023 in the category "technology", and the BSB Innovation Award 2023 in the category "Environment", that highlights the benefits brought by the Plant Milking technology.












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