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Clariant to unveil natural skincare active, CycloRetin

Source:Clariant Release Date:2024-04-01 533
Personal CareRaw Materials & Ingredients Ingredients/FormulationTradeshow Preview/Review
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Clariant will debut CycloRetin its latest natural skincare active at in-cosmetics Global which takes place in Paris from 16-18 April 2024.

Found in prince ginseng, CycloRetin activates the benefits offered by retinol while being naturally gentle.



CycloRetin’s heterophyllin B molecule is a groundbreaking cyclic peptide that enhances skin matrix production, improving collagen and reducing signs of aging. With efficacy comparable to retinol and bakuchiol, CycloRetin supports youthful skin without compromise. Soluble in water and with minimal concentrations needed, it is eco-friendly. Showcased at in cosmetics 2024 are two formulations containing CycloRetin – Firming Mask and Mask Mist – offering efficient skincare.


Julie Droux, Global Technical Marketing Manager for Actives and Natural Origins, explains: "While exploring the benefits of cyclic peptides in our lab we discovered prince ginseng’s outstanding potential to restart the skin matrix production cycle. Highly effective even at low concentrations, peptides play a crucial role in supporting youthful skin appearance."

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