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Clearwood® by Scentmate by dsm-firmenich is Best Sustainable Ingredient at Barcelona Perfumery Awards

Source:Scentmate by dsm-firmenich Release Date:2023-11-28 342
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Clearwood®, by Scentmate by dsm-firmenich is a sustainable ingredient that is obtained from the fermentation of sugar cane with a biotechnological approach and the use of renewable carbon sources.

CLEARWOOD® by Scentmate by dsm-firmenich® has been recognised as Best Sustainable Ingredient in the 2023 edition of the Barcelona Perfumery Awards. The award was presented at a gala organised during the Barcelona Perfumery Congress. Promoted by the Beauty Cluster, the largest Spanish cosmetics, perfumery and personal care cluster, these awards reward the best initiatives in the fragrance industry. Divided into 10 categories, they value concepts such as innovation, knowledge, commitment and sustainable contribution to the sector.



CLEARWOOD® is a synthetic ingredient that combines long-term sustainable development. Obtained through the fermentation of sugar cane, it avoids the consumption of traditional natural resources and uses renewable carbon sources.


It is a softer and purer version of patchouli that constitutes a new ingredient with a lot of presence and an elegant, distinctive and sustainable signature. Radiant with light, it offers the creamy warmth of amber and a woody character. It is one of the great creations of white biotechnology, a discipline that consists of taking advantage of cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet.


dsm-firmenich has based itself on this ingredient to develop a range of products that constitute a more affordable and sustainable alternative to those traditionally based on natural wood.

Finalist in two other categories

In addition to the award obtained by CLEARWOOD®, Scentmate has also been a finalist in the categories of most innovative company and best research on smell and fragrances, which makes it one of the most recognized companies in this year's Barcelona Perfumery Awards nominations.


This award joins the three awards obtained in July at the Digital Beauty Awards and endorses a project with two years of experience already consolidated. A fragrance house that makes dsm-firmenich's perfumery know-how, consumer knowledge and market data available to everyone thanks to AI technology.

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