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Conductive additive for lithium-ion battery industry

Source:Orion S.A. Release Date:2023-11-07 414
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Orion S.A. launches PRINTEX® kappa 10, a conductive additive feeding high demand growth in the lithium-ion battery industry


Orion S.A. announced the launch of PRINTEX® kappa 10 – a high-quality conductive additive that will supply surging demand from producers of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, energy storage systems and consumer applications.


The new product, produced with furnace technology in Europe and eventually in Asia, marks a crucial expansion of Orion’s portfolio of conductive additives. The company also makes other kappa grades with the acetylene process.


PRINTEX® kappa 10 facilitates a more efficient transfer of electrical energy within lithium-ion batteries. It forms a percolating network that enables the electrons to flow. This enhances the performance and power response during both charging and discharging.


The conductive additive works for both anode and cathode. It is also compatible with lithium-ferrous-phosphate (LFP) batteries, nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) and other batteries.


“At Orion, we’re focused on products enabling more efficient and powerful lithium-ion batteries that help to decarbonize mobility. PRINTEX® kappa 10 is a key part of our strategy for expanding our business for such conductive additives,” Orion CEO Corning Painter said.


“Our strength lies in our dedication to innovation and delivering sustainable solutions for our customers,” Painter added. “As the world increasingly turns toward electric mobility, the demand for high-quality conductive additives like PRINTEX® kappa 10 will grow.”


Orion invites interested parties to visit the company’s website or contact the sales team for more information about PRINTEX® kappa 10.

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