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Corbion showcases answers to processor challenges at IPPE 2023

Source:Corbion Release Date:2023-01-18 1985
Food, Beverage & Personal CareFood & BeverageFood & Beverage Ingredients
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Corbion will engage in solutions-focused conversations at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). See them in the Food Safety Plaza, Booth BC9841.

With food safety regulations tightening, consumer scrutiny of product labels going deeper, and quality and safety protection becoming more difficult in today’s complex value chains, Corbion will focus attention on its most relevant and timely ingredient solutions at the International Production & Processing Expo, which runs from January 24 to 26, in Atlanta, Georgia.

IPPE is the world’s largest annual display of technology, equipment, supplies, and services used in the production and processing of eggs, meat, and poultry and those involved in feed manufacturing. There attendees will have the chance to discuss key business challenges with Corbion’s preservation and applications experts in booth BC9841 in the event’s food safety plaza.

“Meat and poultry processors balance so many different priorities while consumer demands keep evolving, supply chains get disrupted and new legislation changes the rules,” said Dave Charest, Senior Vice President, Sustainable Food Solutions, Business. “The Corbion team always stays on top of new industry challenges, but in solving them, we know we have to deliver on our customers’ other priorities at the same time. We’re looking forward to talking with attendees about the value our nature-based, multifunctional ingredients can offer their businesses.”


Visitors to Corbion booth BC9841 will be able to experience sample applications of the company’s ingredient solutions for meat and poultry. These samples will illustrate the company’s multifunctional solutions designed for processors, providing benefits for better food safety, taste, texture, yield, sodium reduction, and color protection. (Source: Corbion)

In light of recently revised USDA FSIS regulations around controlling Salmonella in pork and poultry applications, conversations in the Corbion booth will likely touch on the company’s buffered lactic acid solutions and Verdad® N100, an antimicrobial dip for whole muscle fresh meats launched at IPPE last year. Both solutions extend shelf life and enhance food safety by controlling gram-negative bacteria like Salmonella and Campylobacter. Also in focus will be:

Corbion’s Origin® line of natural antioxidants, which are highly effective in prolonging key attributes of product freshness, in addition to providing processing improvements, certified authenticity, and sustainable sourcing practices that positively impact the areas where they are grown and produced.

Lactate-based ingredient solutions from the Opti.Form® and PURASAL® ranges, offering multiple functionalities that go beyond food safety and shelf life to protect flavor, texture, cook yield and sliceability. These solutions also provide additional Clostridia control when deep chill and sous vide processing methods are used.

Sodium reduction solutions that include our potassium buffered ingredients. These allow the use of less sodium while preventing both increased water activity, which can compromise shelf life and safety, and loss of flavor.

Corbion’s wide range of fermentation-based ingredient solutions that deliver critical functionality and enable simpler labeling options.

Visitors to the Corbion booth will also be able to experience sample applications of the company’s ingredient solutions in a variety of meat and poultry applications. These samples will illustrate the difference the company’s multifunctional solutions can make for processors, providing benefits that include superior food safety, taste, texture, yield, sodium reduction, and color protection.

Corbion business, sales and technical staff will be available to discuss a wide range of solutions to processing, product development and microbial challenges. In addition, guests will be invited to attend presentations by Corbion experts on Wednesday, Jan. 25 in the Processing & Packaging TECHTalks Theater, C Hall, Booth C10611:

1:00-1:20 p.m. – “Macro-Economic Effects on Shifting Consumer Behaviors,” presented by Megan Passman, Global Insights Manager.

1:30-1:50 p.m. – “The Benefits of Using Dynamic Temperature Values in Listeria Modeling Tools,” presented by Evelien Jochems, Senior Strategic Project Manager.

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