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Dase-Sing: Top packaging solutions

Source:FoodPacific Manufacturing Journa     Date:2021-06-02
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This video compiles success stories about companies that have collaborated with Dase-Sing Group

THE Dase-Sing Group manufactures automatic rotogravure printing labels, automatic sleever machines and shrink labels and films. Established in 1985, it has become one of the island’s more advanced and fast-developing packaging companies with major customers across the Asian region.


“When Dase-Sing manufactured the first machine in 1995, our goal was to become a manufacturer that provides customers with one-stop processing and packaging solutions,” shared Tony Huang, executive assistant at Dase-Sing. He said that in conceptualising designs, the company makes the most of available science and technology, and as a result has produced several notable machines and complete solutions for F&B and personal care manufacturing. These sectors are very dynamic, with such trends as sustainability, recyclability, consumer safety, among others, impacting the packaging sector. At the same time developments in automation are also changing the way companies manage their production. 

Tony Huang-Dase-Sing Executive Assistant.jpg

 Tony Huang, executive assistant, Dase-Sing

“In Southeast Asia, data collection has become a standard production process. Through this process, sensors, PLCs, HMIs, communication modules, etc. are used to collect production data to optimise production and achieve production goals. Many companies also focus on machine and process safety systems to reduce operational hazards,” said Mr. Huang.


“In the supply of raw materials and printing for shrink film, we have gradually expanded the market. At the same time, we have also learned that single-head sleeve labelling has its production limit and speed limit, so we developed a double-head sleeve labelling machine. Not only has the production efficiency been improved, but the flexibility of the double-head sleeve label also brings additional advantages, allowing customers to have more choices.”


Double-heads sleever

The double-heads sleever machine is among the company’s popular machines, and as the name implies, features two heads operating together to provide high production speed for labelling. One such model is the DSVC-HB II which works at a top speed of 700 bpm. Aside from this capability, the machine provides good protection for products. It is also efficient because when a bottle mouth or bottle body needs to be sleeved in sections, the double-heads sleeve label of the DSVC-HBII can be sleeved in different parts on the same machine. For example, one side sleeves the bottle mouth and the other side sleeves the bottle. What’s more, it can accommodate round, square and irregularly shaped bottles.


Mr. Huang said that the label industry has immense potential since different industries require different labelling technologies. “As the leading brand of sleeve labelling machines, Dase-Sing can support customer needs in terms of quality and sleeve label stability,” he assured.

Dase-Sing -Double head SleevingMachine-1.jpg

Double-head sleever

Auto shrink sleeving machine

Dase-Sing also offers auto shrink sleeving machines, with the DSV-BP as among its competitive ranges. The DSV-BP is a range of single-head sleeve labellers with a unique cut plate design, and operates at 200 to 450 bottles per minute. Other features include Ethernet-based servo drive for communication; 100 formulas are built in to provide users with more convenient switching. When the conveyor belt speed changes, the sleeve label continues to run without stopping the machine. It has an optional bottom wrapping machine to produce high-quality packaging, and the multi-roll material rack extends the label replacement time.


DSV-BP single-head sleeve labeller 

i-Vision technology

Dase-Sing has also developed i-Vision, a sensor technology that helps orientate containers to move within the assigned direction.


“This machine meets the need of customers that use special container shapes for their products such as milk bottles with handles, streamlined sports drinks, animal-shaped bottles, etc – all of which need to be turned to a certain side before the label can be perfectly placed on the bottle,” explained Mr. Huang. “However, as the bottle shape design of the product becomes more and more complex, the label not only needs to match the shape of the bottle, but also must be placed in a specific position, and cannot be offset beyond a specific value.


This will require a higher standard of machine technical capabilities. We will evaluate these items and conditions, and then help customers determine the best size and type of label.


The i-Vision sensor  works with Dase-Sing's automatic shrink sleeve labelling machine, enabling bottles to orientate toward the assigned direction. 

The overlap machine is also another innovation that has been designed to pack the bottom of the product, and it can be directly connected to the conveyor belt on the production line.


To ensure the utmost quality of its machines, Dase-Sing chooses to manufacture and assemble its products in-house in two production bases, the machinery department in Hsinchu County, and the label products department in Chiayi County.


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