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Dry molded fiber phone tray insert

Source:PulPac Release Date:2023-12-08 200
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PulPac announces the latest addition to its “Highway Products”: the Dry Molded Fiber Phone Tray Insert.


PulPac announces the latest addition to its “Highway Products”: the Dry Molded Fiber Phone Tray Insert. It is now offered to producers and represents another stride towards PulPac’s commitment to providing cost-effective, environmentally responsibly produced packaging alternatives.


“We understand the importance of balancing sustainability with cost-effectiveness. This Phone Tray Insert shows manufacturers and brands a cost-competitive solution without compromising on their commitment to the planet – a hallmark of Dry Molded Fiber”, says Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer at PulPac.


The Phone Tray Insert addresses the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives in the packaging industry. Dry Molded Fiber applications, such as the Phone Tray insert, means choosing a cost-effective product with a reduced environmental footprint compared to conventional plastic or fiber-based alternatives.


The reveal complements PulPac’s existing lineup of “Highway products”, providing businesses with a quick-start solution for their eco-friendly packaging needs. The lineup comprises standardized and commercially validated applications ready for production. To date, it includes primarily food-grade products such as protective lids, coffee cup lids, cold drink lids, cutlery, trays, bowls, and now the Phone Tray Insert newcomer.



“Time is increasingly becoming the most important factor in dealing with environmental challenges. By creating a range of standardized, highly demanded products that are pre-validated, we can help our customers speed up the transition towards sustainable fiber-based packaging and a greener, cleaner world,” continues Fager.


In addition to the range of ready-to-produce applications with very competitive unit economics and unmatched sustainability features, PulPac, together with partners, also provides turn-key production platforms for different customer needs. The purpose is to drive a transformative shift in the packaging industry, where sustainability is not just a choice but a fundamental principle.

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