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EMA Aesthetics, ROHTO Pharmaceutical announce long-term strategic and equity partnership

Source:EMA Aesthetics Release Date:2024-02-05 194
Personal Care Industry Updates
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Strategic alliance between EMA Aesthetics and ROHTO will accelerate ROHTO into the medical aesthetics sector, supporting the growth of EMA Aesthetics in a rapidly expanding global market.



EMA Aesthetics, a global aesthetics company headquartered in Dublin, has announced a strategic and equity partnership with ROHTO Pharmaceutical, a renowned Japanese multinational known for innovative approaches in healthcare and skincare and its European affiliate Rohto Mediluxe Europe.


This strategic alliance signals ROHTO's acceleration into the medical aesthetics sector, supporting the growth of EMA Aesthetics in a rapidly expanding global market. EMA and ROHTO will employ R&D and collaboration to jointly develop existing and novel aesthetic products. This partnership provides ROHTO with a gateway into the aesthetics industry beyond Japan, emphasizing their commitment to harness the notable expansion in the aesthetics sectors within the EU and US, into 2024 and beyond.


Malcolm Wall Morris, co-founder and CEO of EMA Aesthetics, remarked, "Since its inception in 2019, EMA Aesthetics has consistently been a pioneer in aesthetic products. Our philosophy of continual innovation, driven by our dedication to surpass industry norms and exceed stakeholders' expectations, has been pivotal in our journey. The partnership with ROHTO signifies a key moment in our trajectory.  Jointly, we are poised to push the limits of aesthetic products, enhancing our worldwide presence and reiterating our commitment to excellence and innovation."


Nobuhiro Hirasawa, CEO of ROHTO Mediluxe Europe (Rohto MLE), a representative of medical aesthetic business in EMEA on behalf of ROHTO Pharmaceutical, added, "I am delighted to confirm our involvement in this thrilling venture as ROHTO embarks on an exciting partnership at its 125th anniversary year. This collaboration signifies a fusion, where the disruptive innovation of EMA converges with ROHTO's steadfast customer orientation. It's a harmonious blend where EMA's cutting-edge device technology aligns seamlessly with ROHTO's robust research and development.  I am confident that this partnership will pave the way for excellence in value creation. Above all, I eagerly anticipate the gratifying experience of working with both teams."


The investment not only reinforces ROHTO's position in EMEA but also broadens its reach into the US and other markets. EMA alongside ROHTO will focus on creating products to deliver great patient results and an enhanced user experience for clinics and therapists.


The global aesthetic medicine sector is leading the beauty and personal care products market's rapid growth, which is in excess of $500 billion in 2022. This sector is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% from 2023 to 2030. APAC holds a dominant revenue share of 39% and is anticipated to experience rapid growth.

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