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EMUGE Punch Drill: Double feed with the same axial force

Source:EMUGE     Date:2022-08-11
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EMUGE offers a new tool to reduce main machining times: the EMUGE Punch Drill. Time savings of 50 % and more can be achieved with this drill - with reduced or the same axial force.

This EMUGE high-feed drill is suitable for machining cast aluminium alloys with at least 7% Si content. The possible drilling depth ranges up to approx. 4 x D, the nominal diameter range from 4 mm to 8.5 mm. Machining is carried out with a normal drilling cycle on CNC machines, cutting speeds and coolant pressures are the same as for conventional drilling.

An innovative chip breaker helps to keep the chip short and to control the machining forces. Newly developed surface treatments and a hard coating specially designed for this application enable reliable chip removal and increase process reliability.

The most impressive feature is that the axial force is actually halved when this high-feed tool is used with the feed of the series tool. By increasing the feed at the same speed, main times are reduced and machine capacities are economised. The reduced power consumption of the machine is also in support of sustainability.

In short: the tool benefits from shorter machining times and a high metal removal rate. Higher productivity and less strain on resources are positive consequences. The tool life is comparable to conventional drilling tools despite the higher feed rate. The superior self-centering capability of the drill tip enables the best possible positioning accuracy on the holes. For multi-step-drilling operations, the EMUGE Punch Drill is also available as a step tool.

For more than 100 years, the German company group EMUGE-FRANKEN has been one of the world`s leading manufacturers of precision tools for thread cutting, gauging, clamping and milling. With 1,900 employees, EMUGE-FRANKEN offers an innovative product program with 40,000 in-stock items and a multiple of that with customer-specific tools. The product range is focused on applications in the automotive industry, power plants, aerospace industry, medical technology as well as mechanical and plant engineering. As a system supplier for machining industry, EMUGE-FRANKEN has own branch offices or sales partners in 53 countries. 

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