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GutHealthHEROES are Doehler's ingredients for gut health and overall well-being

Source:Doehler     Date:2022-09-15
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Digestive health is considered one of the most important aspects for maintaining overall well-being. 70% of global consumers are interested in products that can improve their health (source: FMCG). Along with this, a healthy gut positively impacts people’s immune systems and mental health, and plays a key role in preventing illness. Consumer awareness of digestive health has been growing for years, in turn driving demand for food and beverages with corresponding claims.

However, there is a disconnect between what consumers know in theory and what they choose to consume in practice. For example, consumers recognise that fibre is an ingredient that is good for the gut, yet population-wide research shows a clear “fibre gap”.


The future of nutrition – impacting health naturally

As a key part of its Doehler Nutritional Excellence programme, Doehler delivers health-benefiting solutions that resonate with consumers` needs. Our science-backed Natural SuperHERO ingredients are sustainably sourced and customised to retain their function in various food and beverage applications and dietary supplements. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials and formulation excellence, Doehler provides products that combine health benefits with excellent taste profiles.

Our comprehensive portfolio of phytoactive and natural GutHealthHEROES ingredients provides the perfect basis for developing a variety of foods and beverages that support gut health.


Natural and innovative product solutions for premium health applications

GutHealthHERO Flaxseed Powder offers a combination of physiological and technological benefits. Besides healthy positionings, the flaxseed powder provides texturizing advantages, helping to alleviate the perception of sandiness and viscosity in applications. Its high protein and fibre content allows nutritional claims. We ensure product safety through stringent microbiological cleanliness standards.

PR_Natural SuperHEROES_Flaxseed - Copy.jpg

Flaxseed is high in protein and fibre content, allowing nutritional claims. Its powder form provides texturising advantages, helping to alleviate the perception of sandiness and viscosity in applications.

GutHealthHERO Prebiotic Baobab is a 100% organic fruit powder from the baobab fruit, which is sustainably sourced in Africa. The naturally dried powder is rich in micronutrients and soluble dietary fibres. Doehler has conducted a broad scientific assessment of its baobab fruit pulp powder, including its dietary fibre composition, its effects on human gut microbiota and the formation of health-beneficial metabolites – key parameters that classify an ingredient as prebiotic. The assessment of the GutHealthHERO Baobab demonstrated its prebiotic fibre properties at a dosage of as little as 4g per day, supporting both digestive health and holistic well-being. Acid stable, the product offers great potential to boost premium health applications.


PR_Natural SuperHEROES_Baobab - Copy.jpg

Doehler sources baobab from selected sustainable harvest areas in Africa (Photo: Doehler)

GutHealthHERO Prebiotic Topinambur is an organic fruit juice powder derived from the topinambur tuber and enriched by lactic acid fermentation. Topinambur, also known as Jerusalem artichoke, is native to North America and a member of the Asteraceae family. It forms potato-like tubers at the roots, which are traditionally used as food, and has recently enjoyed a renaissance in modern cuisine. The tuber naturally contains many nutrients, of which the most popular one is inulin. Doehler’s organic juice powder is characterized by its nutrient-rich composition and high prebiotic fibre content, with a natural inulin amount of >60%. The gently processed product is the perfect clean label solution, adding prebiotic fibres in their most natural form and providing a pleasant mouthfeel to leading next-level health applications.


GutHealthHERO Probiotic Fruit Granulates present probiotics in a new and innovative form. These crunchy and colourful ingredients combine a natural, authentic fruit taste with living probiotic cultures. Easy to integrate into food applications, the vegan granulates expand the usability of probiotics, providing healthy positioning for innovative products. As only non-spore-forming cultures are used, they are also easy to handle and process. The concept enjoys high consumer acceptance and is rated as unique and credible. A Doehler global consumer survey showed that 70% of global consumers like the concept and intend to purchase the granulates.


With our comprehensive portfolio of GutHealthHEROES phytoactive and natural ingredients, we deliver the perfect basis for next-level, clean label, gut health-promoting food and beverage applications.

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