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HDPE solid pipe extrusion line for Latin America

Source:LIANSU Release Date:2023-12-04 168
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The first OD2000MM HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line sold by LIANSU in Latin America area


LIANSU is dedicated in plastic pipe extrusion equipment manufacturing for over 30 years.It has been committed to providing plastic pipe manufacturers with the whole industry chain of extrusion processing solutions, including Automatic Plastic Material Compound & Conveying System, and the downstream of on-line socket and packaging device, also integrates the digital management of equipment IIoT to improve production management efficiency and reduce the production cost for customers.


LIANSU has been providing sales and service in Latin American region for more than 18 years and has 5 service offices to provide spare parts and local services to their customers. In recent years, the demand for HDPE pipes for the construction of infrastructure, marine and agricultural projects has been growing annually. Over past three years, LIANSU has successfully delivered more than 60 large diameter pipe extrusion lines to global customers with pipe diameters range covering from 630mm~2000mm.




The first OD2000MM HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line sold by LIANSU in Latin America area will be delivered to the customer soon.


Equipment model:
LSP-2000HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
Size range: Φ1400~Φ2000mm
Production output: 2000-2200kg/h
Pressure grade: SDR33-SDR13.6



Extruder adopts 40 L/D screw barrel with spiral feed bush, ensuring high output and good plasticizing quality and low melt temperature. Adopt Melt Cooler after extruder which can reduce material sagging and ensure uniform pipe thickness. Pipe Head adopt spiral + basket structure , equipped with multi-spiral flow distribution body and air oil cooling structure to further stabilize the melt temperature.


Vacuum control adopts automatic negative pressure closed-loop control system to ensure rapid pipe forming , noise reduction and more than 50% energy saving rate. Haul off Unit adopts "one-to-multiple" servo synchronous control with speed ratio range exceeding 30 times, stable pulling force and waste reduction.


The automatic swarfless cutter is equipped with "one-button automatic diameter change" function and it can cut large-diameter pipe simply and quickly.


In the coming future, LIANSU will continue to dedicate in the R&D of plastic pipe extrusion technology, providing customers with reliable and better using experiences and products. For more information, FACEBOOK: LIANSU Extrusion, WhatsApp:008618028101014.

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