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J-beauty companies target India market

Source:GlobalData Release Date:2024-04-02 127
Personal Care Industry UpdatesMarket Trends
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The India market is forecast to grow to a value of 5-6% CAGR between 2022-2027, says GlobalData

Indian consumers are increasingly drawn to the innovative beauty trends originating from East Asian nations, with Japanese beauty (J-beauty) standing out prominently. The surge in popularity is attributed to the focus on natural ingredients. Japanese health and beauty companies are strategically targeting the Indian market to leverage this trend. With India's health and beauty industry projected to grow at a value compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5-6% from 2022 to 2027, these companies aim to make a significant impact, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.


Mani Bhushan Shukla, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Rooted in R&D, J-beauty shares similarities with Korean beauty (K-beauty) and introduced revolutionary products like oil cleansers. While K-beauty relies on eye-catching product assertions, trendy ingredients, unconventional packaging, and quick results, J-beauty emphasizes efficiency, enduring effects of formulations, and refined packaging akin to Western beauty goods.



Demand for natural and organic products is growing in India (Photo: Ramon Grosso I Dreamtime.com)



“J-beauty places importance on preventive measures instead of fixing damage, starting skincare and haircare routines at a young age. Although both K-beauty and J-beauty incorporate multistep routines into their skincare regimens, they differ in complexity. J-beauty sets itself apart from the former by embracing a more streamlined approach with fewer products, resembling Western beauty regimens.”


With the rise of rapid urbanization, along with competitive workplaces and pervasive social media, the importance of personal appearance has grown significantly.


Francis Gabriel Godad, Consumer Business Development Manager at GlobalData India, notes: “Urban consumers with busy schedules are looking for easy-to-use skincare and haircare products to better manage their time. This aligns with GlobalData’s Q4 2023 consumer survey, wherein 66% of female consumers in India stated that their choice is influenced by how well the product/service aligns with their time and money constraints when buying health and beauty products**.”


The significance of uniqueness in shaping consumer preferences for health and beauty products is underscored by the findings of GlobalData’s Q4 2023 consumer survey. According to the results, 74% of female consumers are consistently or frequently influenced by the uniqueness and enjoyability of a product or service when making health and beauty purchases**.


Shukla adds: “Recognizing the increasing demand for natural and organic products in India, J-beauty manufacturers have rolled out new formulations to meet the preferences of the discerning consumer base, including aging individuals. J-beauty thereby resonates with the ‘clean beauty’ trend, which is a concept encompassing product claims such as ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘green’, and ‘allergen-free’.”


Furthermore, J-beauty products are becoming increasingly appealing to consumers who seek beauty products that are not only effective but also simple and require minimal time and effort.


Godad continues: “The Japanese cosmetics industry has gained worldwide recognition for its pursuit of quality. Through meticulous control of procurement, processing, and production systems, as well as the implementation of stringent quality assurance protocols, Japan has become a trusted and respected player in the global market. In recent years, India has also witnessed the emergence of a growing trend towards J-beauty products, solidifying its position as a popular destination for such beauty products.


Social media plays an important role when it comes to product choices of beauty and grooming products as evidenced in the GlobalData’s Q4 2023 consumer survey wherein 61% of respondents affirmed that social media or YouTube influenced their purchase decisions**.


Godad concludes: “The viral ‘selfie’ culture has been key in shaping consumer desire for experimentation in beauty products among the tech-savvy consumers. Additionally, manufacturers can disseminate information about products using popular online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, X, and Instagram.”


*GlobalData Consumer Intelligence Center – Market Analyzers, accessed in February 2024

**GlobalData Q4 2023 Consumer Survey­ – India, published in December 2023, with 564 respondents

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