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Jing Day expertise in rubber and silicone production

Source:Jing Day     Date:2022-07-25
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Jing Day Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is a supplier of complete rubber and silicon injection molding machines and related solutions for global clients. It is committed to the design, fabrication (manufacturing), marketing and all services related to rubber and silicone injection molding machine. Jing Day is also known for its specialization in vertical injection molding machines and hydraulic injection molding machines.


Since its founding in 1983, Jing Day has been continuously improving its LSR molding knowhow, and developing different types of bespoke machinery and equipment for individual client. Application domains include cars, motorcycles, bicycles; computer, communication and consumer electronics (3C), medical services, industrial parts and sports goods. Its products are valued by the medical sector in particular, with 3 of the leading global medical goods makers as part of Jing Day’s clientele.

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So far, Jing Day has provided machinery to over 60 different countries. In 1999, it founded Yang Ming Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, China. This allowed Jing Day to achieve a competitive advantage that enabled it to expand its market share. In the future, the company plans to supply its clients with even better total solutions to help them tackle any issues effectively so that they can sustainably develop while maximizing their profits.  


Jing Day's main products include rubber injection molding machine that is intended for natural, synthetic, oil resistant, heat resistant and reclaimed rubber. It features high bed structure with direct clamping; PLC and HMI functional control as standard specification; direct and indirect clamping structure; and specialized nozzle design to prevent material overflow and feeding device.


Jing Day's core value is not only to meet every demand of each client, but also to maximize the client's profit. Jing Day believes that good products equal good deals, so its takes into careful consideration all different aspects of the operation of each client, including production, R&D, and services. Everything that Jing Day does is to ensure that the clients receive the best equipment possible.   


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