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Kim Union rolling beyond product features and benefits

Source:Int'l Metalworking News for Asia     Date:2021-12-14
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Manufacturers of different industries have their own preferences about which processing method best suits their needs. However, there has been a growing interest in thread rolling for more reasons than one.


Having been in the industry since 1972, Kim Union Industrial Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the manufacture of both thread rolling machines and thread rolling dies.


Along with creating new products and adding features to old ones, Kim Union's product advantage includes a unique type of product service. The company understands customers’ needs and is willing to dig deeper with clients to move beyond the obvious features and benefits of a product and understand the true principle of its request.


1639457386890982.jpgAccording to Kim Union, customers come to them with their requirements for workpieces; and from there, they try to identify the workpiece and explain to the customer what they must do in order to create the workpiece.


Kim Union believes that there is a benefit for having both production lines for thread rolling machines and thread rolling dies because they are well experienced and ready to share their knowledge with customers.


One example is Kim Union's new thread rolling machine models that are designed based on customer’s prerequisite. The UM-120 hydraulic thru feed type thread rolling machine is a new model in the market. This type of machine is suitable for bigger wind fan screws -- the larger diameter screws.


Another case is the UM-50H serration gear rolling thread rolling machine. This machine is apt for serration gear-type workpieces for creating car parts or motorbike parts. The designs of these machines are made by Kim Union team and consulting partners.

For thread rolling machines, Kim Union does trial run and customers must approve the samples before shipment. For thread rolling dies, 100% testing and inspection is done before delivery. The company also does the thread rolling process inside the factory for some design parts. All these efforts lead to an improved type of business process that makes Kim Union confident that their products will not encounter any problems when they arrive the customers' factory.


1639457460980906.jpgTraversing the new normal

After the economic blockade caused by the epidemic, on-site meetings between customers has decreased, so Kim Unions' regular overseas visits and services were suspended. The company is finding ways to compete all odds and act quickly. Therefore, it uses apps such as LINE and WhatsApp, which are very convenient to use in order to communicate with customers. In this way, any questions from clients can be answered immediately.


Looking beyond the current crisis-imposed moment, Kim Union says that the quality of their products and customer satisfaction will definitely be their focus. In the next five years, the company plans to set up another plant in Bangkok, Thailand. However, thread rolling machines will only be produced in Taiwan in the future. Kim Union deems it right for the machines to be closer to the local market.


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