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Kuhnway: An expert in 2 way solenoid valves and electric actuators

Source:Kuhnway Corp.     Date:2021-04-21
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Kuhnway Corporation is a manufacturer of 2 way solenoid valves and electric actuators. The company's water and air fluid solenoid valves have been the most appreciated and deployed by users.


The new water and air solenoid valves developed by Kuhnway in 2019 feature in long product life and good durability. The quality of the product is excellent and the application range is very wide. The improved model has improved the quality while still offering a very competitive price.

In addition, the large diameter float valves developed in 2019 have been upgraded to new solenoid valves (2"~12"). These solenoid valves are equipped with manual operation device, and the body can be made of cast iron, graphite cast iron, copper and stainless steel, etc. It is convenient to operate and can significantly reduce the chance of damage caused by collision during transportation, thus saving more cost for customers.

Kuhnway's electric actuators are divided into three series: MK7 series, MK21~MK24 series, and MK3 series. This three series of electric actuators can be expanded with additional butterfly valves, ball type valves, and throttles to meet customers' needs for different functions and uses. They can be used in a wide range of applications, such as air conditioning, water treatment equipment, urban water purification plants, and environmental protection.

Kuhnway Corporation

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