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Large-capacity multi-auxiliary injection unit

Source:Mold-Masters     Date:2022-05-27
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Mold-Masters has introduced its largest capacity E-Multi, the EM5. E-Multi is an all-electric, servo driven auxiliary injection unit that offers proven precision, repeatability, versatility, and reliability.  This new unit extends the capabilities of the company’s auxiliary injection units by offering an expanded shot range of 550g to 1,237g (18 - 42 oz). This larger capacity is well suited to the production of large individual components and high cavitation moulds.



The EM5 model is expertly designed to meet the processing and capacity demands of larger multi-material applications across a wide range of industries. Due to its size and weight, the EM5 is intended to be installed in a horizontal configuration as standard however an optional vertical installation package is available.


The E-Multi platform easily and economically converts any existing injection moulding machine to allow for multi-shot, multi-material or co-injection capabilities that can be implemented with significantly lower capital investment requirements and faster lead times than a traditional multi-shot injection machine. E-Multi units are available EM1-EM5 which offers a broad shot range from 7.7g to 1237g (0.26 oz to 42 oz) and is compatible with a range of materials including PCR and Bio-Resins. An E-Multi LSR is also available.

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