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Laïta Nutrition offers turnkey powdered nutritional product

Source:Laïta Nutrition Release Date:2022-11-22 893
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Laïta Nutrition strengthens its development in clinical nutrition with a turnkey powdered nutritional product innovation

Specialized in the formulation and manufacture of complex nutritional products, Laïta Nutrition - the nutrition division of the dairy cooperative Laïta - is asserting its know-how on the clinical nutrition market with the launch of  a nutritional solution in powder form based on dairy proteins. This new product meets the needs of patients suffering from or at risk of malnutrition (FSMPs, or foods for special medical purposes).

To provide both flavor and eating pleasure to patients, the company the solution has a neutral taste, and can be incorporated into all types of preparations (savory and sweet). Moreover, so that no patients are excluded, Laïta Nutrition has also chosen to develop a lactose-free version.


With its broad range of expertise covering all stages of product development, the company can offer a personalized support service, from formulation to packaging. It is the trusted partner for all those who wish to respond effectively to the societal problem of undernutrition.


Aside from this, the company offers a turnkey product, DADFMS, which provides the energy and nutrients especially for patients who have trouble swallowing.



-          Ingredients recognized for their effectiveness: based on dairy proteins easily absorbed by the body and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids good for the heart, this product has been designed for consumption as a supplement to a normal diet or as part of an enriched diet.


-          An adapted nutritional composition: with 4.8g of protein, 4g of fat and 18.6g of carbohydrates per 100g, this ONS (oral nutritional supplements) is a rich source of protein, and provides fat and carbohydrates in large quantities. It also provides the patient with the 28 micronutrients they need in cases of malnutrition: vitamin D and calcium for bone strength, vitamin B for energy metabolism, vitamin A to reduce fatigue, vitamins C and E to protect the body against oxidation.


-          Practical and safe packaging: the product is packaged ready-to-use for practicality of use, as well as ease of storage and conservation. Indeed, it is not necessary to store it in cool place thanks to its long shelf life.


-          Behind the formulation of this product, significant development work on the taste & texture has been carried out to ensure a combination of both eating pleasure and nutrition. It has a neutral taste, also comes in a vanilla variety and has a homogeneous and fluid texture. Our product can be easily integrated into an enriched diet or as an oral nutritional supplement.


Customers are free to choose in which countries our product is used and/or consumed. It is therefore their responsibility to make sure its composition, labeling and use comply with the regulations of the country in which the product is to be used/consumed.

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