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Light and lightweight metals

Source:Chin Fong     Date:2021-09-30
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A market with great future projection (especially in e-mobility) that requires machines which adapt to the future



The market for the application of new materials such as light and lightweight metals is one of the most promising for the future. According to data from the consulting firm Grand View Research, the demand for these products is growing rapidly in Latin America due to the increase in the number of manufacturers of lightweight materials that supply mainly to the United States.


And with the relocation of industries expected in the region in the future due to reshoring and nearshoring caused by the Covid-19 pandemic for most of the companies from powers such as Europe and the United States, which currently have operations in Asia, a wide range of possibilities are opening up for the region in the manufacture of solutions with lightweight materials.


For example, energy conservation, which is a well-known issue in all industries, has caused that in the field of electric vehicles, energy saving has become important not only for environmental protection, but also for the durability of the vehicles. Lightweight metals and high-tensile steel plates are widely used in the automotive industry to save energy.


But such solutions require specialized machinery that is also optimized for today's requirements. One company that knows that is Chin Fong. The company has developed a series of equipment and machines to meet the forming needs of the new metal field, due to the different forming conditions of these special metals.


Chin Fong's servo presses seamlessly combine traditional mechanical presses and digital servo control systems to achieve a meticulous, intelligent, composite and environmentally friendly process. The processing and forming speed of the slide can be arbitrarily controlled by the servo system to meet these special metal forming needs.


Chin Fong machines are used in a wide variety of applications, such as the automotive industry, computer, communications and electronics manufacturing, metal hardware manufacturing, bicycle industry, home appliance and lighting equipment manufacturing, and recreational product manufacturing; Chin Fong machines can produce almost all metal formed parts.


These solutions that are going to be so necessary in the development of products for the light and lightweight metal market of the future, allow for the production of a wide variety of products, such as automotive interior and exterior covering parts, transmission parts, automotive seat rail metal parts, computer cases, flat-panel TV back plate metal parts, terminal metal parts, etc.


In the same field of electric car parts development, Chin Fong stresses it is essential to integrate innovative technology into traditional technology in stamping manufacturing. Consequently, manufacturing technology tailored to new energy vehicles, light vehicles and unmanned vehicles will invariably make its way into automotive equipment.


Chin Fong offers energy-, material- and compound-saving punches in these areas, reducing the number of processes and significantly save production time, space and redundant equipment.


With precise stamping and forming technology, Chin Fong's automatic Knuckle-joint cold forging presses have successfully simplified the processing time and procedures required by traditional presses. In addition, Chin Fong's large-scale servo presses and hot forging presses are ideal for working with light metals and high-tensile steel plates.


Chin Fong's machines equip many sensors, which can utilize Chin Fong's unique forming technology more intelligently. The processing and forming speed can be arbitrarily controlled by the servo system to meet the needs of difficult-to-process forming materials.


In addition, Chin Fong has developed its own smart stamping solution, the iForming system, which can help traditional stamping factories to become smart factories, mainly by assisting customers in the stamping industry in such aspects as:


     Smart manufacturing equipment

     IoT device management

     Production line with intelligent management

     Quickly set up situation room

     Timely service for global customers

     Integration process and mobile application


Chin Fong's intelligent forming productivity management system, iFormingPMS, is equipped with AI equipment as well as excellent big data collection and system integration applications to enable real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process.


It can use intelligent production scheduling and order delivery forecasts to increase customer productivity, provide predictive maintenance notifications and mold life predictions, expand customer equipment utilization, reduce equipment failures, and reduce customer costs and improve quality assurance.


If you would like to learn more about Chin Fong's machines and how they can help you with metal forming solutions focused on electric mobility or machines to produce parts with light and lightweight metals, contact the company by filling out the form provided at the top right.


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