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Heat and Control: Low-cost cooling system for cooked foods

Source:Heat and Control Pty Ltd Release Date:2024-04-16 254
Food & BeverageFood Processing & Equipment Processing
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Heat and Control's low-cost Ambient Air Cooler is ideal for snack chips, pellets, nuts, and many other products.

IN THE food industry, product cooling systems are essential for rapidly lowering the temperature of freshly cooked foods, facilitating their preparation for packaging and storage.


The Ambient Air Cooler from Heat and Control efficiently reduces processing times, maintains control, and optimises cooling profiles for consistent quality.



Ideal for snack chips, pellet snacks, nuts, French fries and Tortilla chips, this low-cost cooling system comes is custom designed to accommodate your various products and processing needs. Key features include:


Rapid cooling technology: the Ambient Air Cooler utilises pull-through cooling, swiftly bringing products to within approximately 15°F (9.5°C) of ambient air temperature in mere seconds. This rapid cooling capability enhances efficiency and productivity of your food processing operation.


Efficient control: Take command of the cooking process with accurate control over when your product cooking stops. This system offers optimised bed depths for  cooling profiles, while the variable speed conveyor adjusts dwell time, ensuring uniform product quality every time.


Customisable design: Choose from a variety of standard sizes or opt for custom designs tailored to fit your specific products and processing requirements. Whether you need a compact solution or a larger-scale system, this equipment is customised.


Easy cleaning and maintenance: Ambient Air Cooler features washable, non-corroding exhaust filters that are effortlessly removed for cleaning, ensuring hygiene and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment. Durable stainless-steel construction with large access doors facilitates thorough cleaning, minimising downtime.


Space-saving design: Designed with efficiency in mind, Ambient Air Cooler takes up less floor space compared to open-air or extended conveyor systems, making it a cost-effective and space-saving solution for your facility.


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