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METALEX 2023 focuses on ground-breaking machine tools & metalworking solutions

Source: Release Date:2023-11-15 98
MetalworkingSpecialty Processing (Laser Processing, EDM, Plasma Arc Processing, ECM)
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Over 95,000 metalworking industrialists from across ASEAN are expected to step up to the forefront of the industry through the debut of innovative machinery and technologies for metalworking at METALEX on November 22-25 at Bitec, Bangkok. This will be the platform for over 2,500 brands of technology providers and distributors from around the world, as well as for suppliers of Smart Materials, Additive Manufacturing and AI technologies to come together and unbox the most up-to-date technologies to bring the next level of efficiency and productivity to metalworking industrialists from across ASEAN.

Metalex Thailand is a great opportunity for metalworking enthusiasts and professionals to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Some of the highlights of Metalex Thailand are:
The Smart Materials Zone, where you can discover new materials that are lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly, such as graphene, nanomaterials, and bioplastics.
The Additive Manufacturing Zone, where you can see how 3D printing can create complex and customized parts and products, such as medical implants, aerospace components, and jewelry.
The AI Zone, where you can explore how artificial intelligence can enhance metalworking processes, such as quality control, predictive maintenance, and optimization.
The International Pavilions, where you can meet and network with exhibitors from leading countries in metalworking, such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, and South Korea.
The METALEX Conference, where you can learn from experts and peers about the latest topics and challenges in metalworking, such as sustainability, digital transformation, and industry 4.0.
If you are interested in attending Metalex Thailand, you can pre-register online to get a fast entry and a complimentary access to the exclusive i-Directory. You can also search for the products and suppliers you want on the online sourcing portal. Metalex Thailand is more than just an exhibition, it is also a platform for innovation, learning, and collaboration. Don’t miss this chance to step up your metalworking game! https://www.metalex.co.th/
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