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MULTIVAC centre for slicing and automation

Source:Plastics News Asia Release Date:2021-06-21 928
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MULTIVAC officially opened its Training & Application Center for Slicing & Automation (TAC) at the company headquarters. The guests during the opening ceremony included Stephan Thomae, member of the Bundestag, Alex Eder, Chief Executive of the Lower Allgäu Regional District, and Beate Ullrich, Lady Mayor of Wolfertschwenden. After the guests had been greeted by Group Presidents, Guido Spix and Christian Traumann, the building was blessed by Father Thomas of the Parish of Bad Grönenbach, and Pastor Michael Kolbe of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Woringen. The guests were then guided through the building complex. The ceremony took place in accordance with the current Covid guidelines.


Christian Traumann, joint Group President of MULTIVAC declared that with the Training & Application Center for Slicing & Automation, MULTIVAC in conjunction with its customers, will be developing new lines for processing and packaging food products, as well as training its service technicians and customers, as well as conducting its R&D. 


Multivac web.jpg

The floor space of more than 17,000 square metres provides not only production space, but also 180 office workstations, an additional works canteen and a reception area, as well as conference and function rooms that are capable of being used very flexibly. The heart of the TAC is its Line Application section, in which more than 100 specialists - from food technologists to mechanical engineers - will be working on customised processing and packaging lines. Work on constructing the building began in the autumn of 2018, and the investment cost was approximately 38 million euros.


 The TAC will also be able to show MULTIVAC machines and processing solutions "live in action" to its customers, according to Guido Spix, joint Group President of MULTIVAC. It has been designed in such a way, that it will be possible to exactly reproduce real production conditions in the food industry. The product spectrum ranges from individual slicers to entire lines, covering different output categories, and complete with various loading solutions, packaging machines, labellers, inspection equipment and box packing systems. Automation solutions from other industrial applications are also available for trial productions.  


The MULTIVAC Group has around 2,300 employees at its headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. The production site in the Allgäu region of Germany currently comprises a total area of 89,000 square metres.


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