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Major chocolate trends for 2023

Source:Barry Calleabaut Release Date:2023-01-11 1275
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Chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut has identified the top chocolate trends that will influence chocolate making this year and beyond.

For 2023 the top trends in the chocolate market are Intense Indulgence, Mindful Indulgence and Healthy Indulgence. This according to the report released by global chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut:

The chocolate confectionery market is forecast to grow over €107 billion / $128 billion in global retail sales by the end of 2023, with volume growth of 1.9% CAGR over the next 3 years to 20251

Innovation is important in this mentioned growth projection to meet the latest needs of consumers. The mood or mindset of consumers influence their attitude towards life which will determine the type of indulgence they choose.

The company said that the need for Intense Indulgence chocolate experiences will always be there but consumers also have a soft health approach to life, so that the Mindful Indulgence chocolate space will also increase. While Healthy Indulgence is a trend to watch within the confectionery segment in the years to come.

Barry Callebaut-GodivaChineseNewYear.jpg

GODIVA (China) Pralines Gift Box showing Chinese New Year design

1. Intense Indulgence

Chocolate that is a real feast for the eyes and for the taste buds.

Consumers look for intense indulgence when they want to enjoy life to the fullest.

71% of global consumers agree that when they want to celebrate, they choose something with chocolate in it2

For chocolate confectionery, this means consumers will continue to seek multi-sensoriality, exclusivity, seasonality, storytelling about origin, craftsmanship, and treats that help them celebrate.

Barry Callebaut-ArteWhitePlantBased.png

The ARTE (Brazil) White Chocolate Plant-based Bar features covers with themes relevant to veganism, animal rights and nature.

2. Mindful Indulgence

Chocolate that is not only tasty, but also good for me and good for the planet.

Consumers want to indulge without compromising their (physical and mental) well-being, the health of others or the planet.

3 out of 4 global consumers agree that chocolate needs to be tasty, good for me and good for the planet2

There is growing demand for chocolate treats that meet these needs, including plant-based, reduced sugar, sustainably sourced and traceable ingredients.

Barry Calleabaut-ChocolateAntistresse(1).png

DERMAPELLE (Brazil) Anti-Stress Chocolate - Based on Serenzo, which acts to reduce stress-induced inflammatory factors by inhibiting the expression of ICAM-1.

3. Healthy Indulgence

Chocolate fortified and functional, a food for health.

Consumers looking for healthy indulgences actively and intentionally make choices that have a positive impact on their health.


65% of global consumers would love a healthy-boosted chocolate, with macro/micronutrients for example2

This is an emerging trend for chocolate confectionery, with proven health benefits like vitamins, minerals, fibers, and flavanols being claimed on innovative new products.




2 Barry Callebaut proprietary research, 2022)

1Euromonitor, Compound Annual Growth Rate, 2022)

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